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VAHVA Fitness


By VAHVA Fitness on December 13th. 2018

What is training? What is movement? Why do we must learn to move and develop our bodies?

The reality is that the Paleolithic man didn't need to do any form of exercise. They used and moved their bodies every day all the time but their state of mind was also different.

The modern way of life is the most advanced and most comfortable time compared to any time in history but it has come with a great cost.

The current lifestyles of people are not just damaging to their bodies but also to their minds. In reality, it's more about people's state of consciousness than it is about their bodies.

We are no longer in touch with our bodies. We have been separated from the very essence of ourselves. Earlier, we used to be the body - now our body is something that has to be maintained and oiled like a machine.

Yet, most people don't even oil the most important machine in their life, their own body. It's not common to sit all day every day looking at a screen and forget that you even have a body.

Your fingers may be moving but your body is not. This is human movement but it's a very limited form of human movement.

We don't believe in just "doing the workouts" - fitness should be an active part of your life. How you LIVE affects everything that you do.

We believe everything is connected and should be integrated into one. Each day makes all the difference. How you conduct yourself every day ultimately creates your physique and your ability to move.

To reach this state, something needs to change in your mind. You need to start seeing yourself in a more positive light and as a person who loves to move and take care of his or health.

In other words, you need to become an active fit person. Once change happens on the level of identity, everything becomes easy - it's who you are after all. 

You start making small changes towards active fit person lifestyle. You get rid of bad habits and add good habits to your life. 

You may feel like you are losing something at first but you will quickly realize that you are getting something better in return.

Life is a series of small decisions. Do you stay up late watching Netflix or wake up early for a workout? Do you choose the healthy restaurant over McDonalds?

Do you take a walk to a convenience store or drive a car? When you get bored, do you turn to video games or do you rather dance, shadow box or train?

It's Not Your Fault but You Hold the Power

Nowadays, everyone is bombarded with ads of things that are not good for you. There are good and bad companies out there. Good companies actually care about people, society and the environment.

The bad companies target your most primal urges that are hard to resist by providing quick reliefs that take your health in return. Examples? Soft drinks, energy drinks, fast food or adult entertainment.

Other companies target your insecurities and provide a quick fix to stroke your ego. A lot of training programs do this - they promise instant or unattainable results and make you believe the washboard abs are the secret to fulfillment and nirvana. 

Ego sells but it also drives a lot of people. 

Our insecurities drove us in the beginning of our training careers. As a result, we fell into many gimmicks. These gimmicks didn't just hurt our bodies but we didn't even get the benefits they promised.

Moreover, we never felt good mentally or physically. Only once we matured to a point where we started to focus on the things that actually matter (health, posture, performance), we started to feel better inside out. 

A lot of people get plastic surgeries only to feel the same or worse afterward. The same happens in fitness: a lot of people destroy their bodies in the pursuit of unattainable skills or physiques only to feel worse afterward.

There are people who are full of steroids and are genetically gifted for muscle gain who give you the impression that you can look like that in a short period of time.

Similarly, there are people who are doing amazing stunts and give others an impression that everyone can reach the same stunts as long as they train hard and "follow the progressions".

Everyone can get muscular and ripped but only a very small percentage will look like a bodybuilder. 

Likewise, many bodyweight skills are attainable but only a small percentage of the population has the body type and the muscle fiber type to perform advanced levers, planches and one arm handstands.

At this point, a lot of people get discouraged and depressed because their fantasy of becoming someone else has been destroyed. 

The truth is the truth and it's better to face it sooner than later. We faced the truth and it only made us stronger and happier. 

That was the turning point for us. We started focusing on universal strength training and on exercises that actually work. We eliminated the outliers and gimmicks and focused on the essentials instead.

What's surprising is that these basics and essentials are what actually work. The crazy stunts won't even make you strong - they are really just to show off. 

Not everyone can learn to pull their entire body weight with just one arm but everyone can learn to move their bodies. Everyone can dance. Everyone can do martial arts.

Everyone can look their best, feel their best and move their best.

In the video, is there a single unattainable stunt? Are the size of the muscles and body fat percentage unattainable? Is there any form of extreme flexibility or strength? 

This is what we are talking about. Movement and fitness should be for everyone - not for the 1% who have been gifted with extreme levels of flexibility, strength or muscle size.

You can look good and move amazingly well without these things. Ultimately, it's all about your mind and your ability to express yourself.

To escape the cage, you have to become the authority of your body. Your body - not someone else's. You dictate the standards - not someone else. 

We are here to help and show you how to master the basics. Although different body types are optimized for different things, everyone has the same human body.

Everything we do in our training and programs has been designed to restore the natural state of the human body that is naturally strong, healthy and functional. This is the birthright of everyone, not just the 1%.  

The purpose is to learn to move. To learn your body. The purpose is not to force yourself to arbitrary patterns that are driven by ego which in the end take away the freedom you are actually seeking (wear and tear).

Stay strong.

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