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VAHVA Fitness

Vibrant Movement with Suvi

By VAHVA Fitness on March 13, 2019

Miscellaneous movement training with Suvi. Working on the basics and a lot more. This is pure play!

In order to get the best results out of training, you should approach it seriously but the training itself doesn't always have to be serious. You don't always have to grit your teeth and grunt for one hour straight. 

This ability to just relax and play is something that is missing from a lot of people's lives. We used to have the same problem. No wonder people are depressed and anxious when they are never really letting go and relaxing their bodies.

Play in the modern world has become a courageous act. If you go to a commercial gym, you should only do one-dimensional tricep extensions with a cable machine for 3 sets and 8 repetitions. 

No one has ever had fun with tricep extensions although the exercise itself can be a great movement to do to fix your elbows or to strengthen your triceps. 

Since the primitive societies, dancing has been the dominant way to have fun and celebrate. When you throw a party and have the best time, you almost naturally start to dance. 

Movement training has the same spirit as dance. It's about self-expression and just moving the body. It's not so serious where every detail matters. It's not about competition and trying to live up to some made up standards. 

You can reclaim this childhood spirit - you had it and still have it. You only need to start moving the body to awaken it.

It takes courage to express yourself and be vulnerable but that's what it takes to be free in both body and mind. You don't have to be perfect straight from the bat - just start and see how far you can progress.

The great thing about movement training is that it is actually becoming quite popular worldwide. In martial arts it has been a stable element for centuries but now it has started to become popular in CrossFit gyms, functional gyms and even in many commercial gyms.

The great thing, however, is that you don't need a gym. Your body is your gym. Your floor is your gym. Your home is more than enough and if you want more space, you can always move outside (summer time is optimal).

Fat Burner Flow

the basics of movement training

One of the flow routines we did in the video was called "the fat burner flow". This is a versatile stationary movement flow that doesn't just build full body strength and mobility, but also develops coordination, agility and body awareness.

Moreover, when you do it for multiple rounds, it becomes one of the best conditioning circuits you can do. Burpees are nothing compared to this. This flow has burned more fat than treadmills ever have.

The best part? It's stationary. It really doesn't require any space to do and can be done even in a small room. It's really the "excuse killer" flow routine when it comes to movement training.

The fat burner flow is part of Movement 20XX online course. In addition to this flow, there are 10 different flow routines for different purposes (some are optimized for coordination, some for strength and some for muscle size). 

Work on the Basics

eero westerberg suvi tuulia

In terms of difficulty, the fat burner flow is a more intermediate level flow. If you are just getting started, you should start with the easier flows and focus on mastering the basics.

Some of the basics of movement training can be considered the primal movements that were featured in the video. These include the basic terrestrial locomotion patterns such as the crab walk, bear walk and monkey walk. 

These movements are practiced frequently in most top MMA (mixed martial arts) gyms worldwide and for a good reason. They have similar benefits to yoga but in a more practical manner that also builds functional strength and movement capability.

Once you master these few movements, you should already feel a lot stronger in the shoulders, hips and core.

The great thing about movement training is that your core is almost always present. Your core doesn't just need to continuously support you but you will also be bending and twisting a lot in all kinds of angles and positions.

It's no wonder why dancers and athletes have some of the best core development out there. Core training is often necessary but alone it's not sufficient. 

Let's Go.

To get started, we highly recommend joining our free mobility class which we continue to host on a regular basis.

In the class, you will not just learn the 6 best exercises to develop mobility but also the crucially important methodology behind everything (internal approach). The class will prepare you for more advanced training better than anything else. 

When we first ran the class, it received 150 5-star reviews in a short time and has already received dozens of positive feedback. 

a day of mobility review

The class is probably the most value-packed content you will find on the internet in regards to movement and mobility training. It's 100% free so there is really no risk for you to check it out. 

You can join at adayofmobility.com

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