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VAHVA Fitness

Unapologetic Movement

By VAHVA Fitness on May 14th. 2019

Fully express the human body. Move freely with no restrictions nothing holding you back. Become an unleashed animal.

In order to fully express yourself, one of the main qualities you need to possess is durability. 

Durability ∙ /dʒɔːrəˈbɪlɪti/

The ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage.

This is true for movement, fighting, sports, dance and almost any physical activity. In fact, it's called the survival bias – people who can "survive" the training without breaking their bodies will eventually rise to the top.

The reason why a lot of training styles fail when it comes to universal performance (athleticism that transfers universally to physical activities across the board) is that the training itself is damaging - not repairing. 

There are lots of powerlifters with broken knees and many gymnasts/calisthenics athletes with broken elbows and shoulders. Wear and tear has become the accepted norm (and it NEVER should be).

This is the reason why all of our programs focus on our 3 core values (physical): health, posture and performance.

Without health you have nothing and bad structural balance (posture) always leads to joint problems. Performance is only the cherry on top. 

To become the most capable and functional athlete artist who can play with limitless boundaries, you first need to become bulletproof. 

Movement training is one way to do it but we also pair it with traditional strength and mobility training (our mobility training is not that traditional though...). 

To fully develop the body, the body needs to become acquainted with all the different planes of movement and alignments of the body. 

We have flow movement skills in 3 categories. The categories are:


Movements you do standing up: such as dance movements, martial arts kicks, footwork etc.

Movements you do low on the ground such as the bear walk, lizard crawl and countless of other movements.


Movements you do touching the floor such as various rolls, crawls and so on. 

In Movement 20XX online course, we have over 50 flow movements in these 3 categories. Our aim was to give the users the most well-rounded tools for learning movement and developing the bulletproof functional body.

In the video, we demonstrated various movements from Movement 20XX. You saw high flow, low flow and ground flow but we also had some pulling work and hanging work which we also cover thoroughly in our programs.

On par with participation in an internship at an extremely high level sports facility, Movement 20XX was the best investment for my own fitness and fitness knowledge that I have ever made. - Sebastian

We are in the process of changing the fitness landscape for the better. On a macro principle level we agree with many Steve Maxwell's axioms but on a tactical (exercise selection, methodology, training techniques) level we have taken everything to a different level.

Below you can find instructions for many of the movements featured in the video and why you should be training and doing them. Enjoy!

Bear Crawl

bear crawl bear walk movement

The bear crawl is one of those fundamental movements to develop your shoulders, scapula, hips, wrists and core. You will stretch the posterior chain (hamstrings, calves and back) and mainly develop the shoulders and hip flexors.

Surprisingly, this movement is very hard for a lot of men. Either the movement gets strenuous relatively fast or they just move in a very clumsy way. 

And it's mostly an issue of strength - not flexibility. Since training like this is more strength endurance than pure strength, not many are used to staying in a position like this for long periods of time.

Only if the person has done yoga (downward dog trains the same muscles and is a similar pose), the bear crawl tends to be easier.

Monkey Walk

monkey walk movement movement20xx movement 20xx

Monkey walk is a great movement to develop the shoulders, core and hips. It's more agile than the bear crawl and as a result it is great for movement flows and developing overall movement ability and quickness.

There are two general ways to do the monkey walk: 1. Leaning heavily on the hands nearly doing small cartwheels and 2. leaning less on the hands.

When you work on the monkey walk, the goal should be to shift more and more weight to your hands and shoulders so you can further develop the shoulders and increase the control of the movement. 

Lizard Crawl

lizard walk lizard crawl movement 20xx

Lizard crawl requires the most strength of all of these movements so far and being able to do it is already an impressive feat.

The greatest part about it is that it really does develop the arms, shoulders and chest in a very versatile and thorough way since you will be shifting your bodyweight from one side to another while constantly changing positions. 

Your shoulders and arms need to be in many different angles and your muscles in many different muscle lengths. In addition to all of this, you will heavily develop the core, spine, hips and even your legs.

It's a crazy strength and mobility movement all in one. You can learn more about it here.

All of this is the reason why the lizard crawl is one of the main elements of Movement 20XX and why we have 10 strength progressions and 10 mobility exercises to master just this one movement.

Chameleon Rope Climb

chameleon climb for back

Rope climbs are hard but they are also great for developing strength due to the high CNS (central nervous system) activity. This is how you develop beast-level grip strength as well.

If the regular rope climb is not enough for you, try the chameleon rope climb. Here you are upside down (try not to fall!) and the movement resembles more a horizontal row than a vertical pull up. 

Compared to the regular rope climb, the chameleon rope climb will develop the back in a slightly different fashion. Due to the unusual body alignment, your core also needs to be crunched all the time which is very good and hard for the core! 

Chameleon rope clim is also an excellent movement for coordination since you need to move the arms and feet in synchrony. 

Active Hanging

hanging movement active hang active hanging

We do lots of active hanging in Movement 20XX and it's simply because it's a great way to open up the body and develop supportive structures in the body.

The hang featured in the video is one of the hardest hangs out there because you are shifting your full bodyweight from one arm to the another. This can be excruciatingly difficult for the grip.

We start with way easier active hangs and swings – do not worry. With easier active hang exercises, grip strength is only a nice bonus. Instead you will mainly stretch and mobilize the back muscles. 

What's About to Happen Next.

eero westerberg warrior training

We have been feverishly working on a big project which we hope to reveal (and maybe launch) somewhere during the next month. EDIT: The big project was Warrior 20XX which is now released!

After that, we are happy to start posting new videos and articles on a more frequent basis. Currently we have been busier than ever before but for a good reason!

Nevertheless, the project should help a lot of people to look and feel better and perform on a whole new level.

We can say that it will have very little to do with movement training though – Movement 20XX will remain the epitome of movement knowledge for now and in the future.

Right now, our free mobility class is the best way to start building a bulletproof functional body. 

Stay tuned!

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