Transmit the Principle, NOT THE SKILL

December 11, 2021 by VAHVA Fitness

Transmit the principle, not only the skill so you can eventually become your own master and not rely on everyone else.

While we reflect on the past year, a lot of things have happened.

In Spring 2021, we released The Grand Circle. This course turned out to be something special.

The grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan was kind enough to share his Monkey Qigong 64 Breathings, the secrets of energy flow and of course the 8-positions of The Grand Circle.

Since then, a lot of highly ranked masters, teachers, Daoist priests and Kung Fu practitioners have joined the course and the course has received a lot of praise. We love this course and the knowledge inside it.

Later, we made massive updates to all 20XX programs adding lessons on methods and further advice to Movement 20XX, Warrior 20XX and Athlete 20XX.

In Movement 20XX, we shared how to make the body limber and how to train free movement flow but also many powerful methods on how to develop the body using Animal Movement Strength Training.

The Variability Method alone can unleash your development as a mover and the TIME Method can have totally transformative effects on your structure, physique and ability to move. This is how Animal Movements become a real serious method of strength training.

For Warrior 20XX we added a course on mental strength, discipline and toughness. Why? Because when it comes to high intensity training, your mental toughness is what will make a massive difference in the results you are going to get.

Of course, the exercise selection and format are unique and produce stunning results (the more consistently you do the workouts, the more evident this becomes) but what also matters is the level of pace you can maintain and how hard you push yourself in the workouts.

In Athlete 20XX, we added an in-depth course on Precision Training. This is all about HOW to feel the body, how to develop a mind-muscle connection, how to bulletproof the joints and how to build an athletic physique step-by-step from scratch to a high level.

We prioritize health, posture, functionality and performance. The truth is that a regular gym workout program, calisthenics program or a bodybuilding routine is not going to make you significantly better in martial arts or sports, rather they can make you slower and often cause wear and tear.

Our goal is to provide you everything you need to get results and reach a high level. That's why we work a bit differently than most fitness teachers out there - we want to constantly improve our programs and methods.

We are about to add a new workout routine (Warrior Sveppers) to Warrior 20XX and are also planning a big update (in terms of training methodology) to Athlete 20XX.

We also just recently released a new program called Skill Master and a new 10-day course called "The 10 Commandments of Universal Strength Training" so you know we've been busy!

You see, a proper training method consists of these 4 things:

  1. Exercises
  2. Strategy (programming, scheduling)
  3. Principles
  4. Essence

With our methods and Qigong courses, we provide all four. 

Most classes will only give you exercises to follow - you are completely dependent on the teacher.

Personal trainers will give you the exercises and a training program but not the principles, knowledge and skill behind the craft.

We are providing a higher level of training and education in all of our programs and courses. We want you to eventually be your own master and teacher.

Already, lots of personal trainers, coaches, yogis, physiotherapists, physical therapists, masseuses, health practitioners, athletes and martial artists are following the programs.

We provide education and training for all levels and we will be providing even more advanced training and education in 2022. The best is yet to come.

Since the beginning, our goal and mission have been to make you "a sovereign authority of your body". To give people back the power that was taken away a long time ago.

The current world wants you to be dependent on everything else. On pharmaceutical drugs for health and sanity and for experts and authorities for every decision you make.

We want to give the power back to the people so everyone can reclaim their birthright and realize that everything you need is already within you.

Everyone should be the highest expert and authority when it comes to their own body. Why? Because it's your body and it's your life. 

Stay strong.


samuli jyrkinen

About the author 

Samuli Jyrkinen

Samuli is the ninja behind the scenes (photography, videography, websites, program platforms and more). He has been training religiously for over a decade and has a firm grasp of physical and mental fitness. You will find our story here.

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