Transformed by 30 Days of Discipline Bootcamp

September 26, 2021 by VAHVA Fitness

Samuli sharing his new transformation with the 30 Days of Discipline Bootcamp of Warrior 20XX.

It took 30 days to get my life in order. I have had a problem with eating for as long as I can remember. I've lost weight but the weight has always find a way to creep back to me.

For me, staying fit is a challenge. In this area, I'm not like Eero who is super professional and always in shape. The 10 years I have known Eero, he has always had abs and he has always taken fitness seriously.

Weight is something I have struggled with since I remember. I was a fat kid my entire childhood. At 17 years old, I decided to lose over 20 kilos (45 pounds) and in less than 6 months all of it was gone.

During the next ten years my weight has gone up and down. I have become a real expert in losing weight thanks to trying every fad out there. Weight is almost like a joke to me - I know how to lose it.

What's hard is staying disciplined and keeping it off.

That's why me and Eero created the 30 Days of Discipline Bootcamp and why it works so well. It was created so I can and everyone else can lose the excess weight and also keep it off.

The 30 days went fast and I had great time doing it. Every week I could see massive progress in the mirror and in the scale.

Day 1 weight was 83.8 kg (185 lbs)
Day 30 weight was 78.8 kg (173 lbs)

The first week felt hard because I hadn't done Warrior 20XX workouts in a while. After a week I was doing different difficulty levels at full blast. 

I got faster, stronger and surprisingly more mobile as well. I had never done so many Warrior 20XX workouts in such a short time.

The mobility aspect really surprised me - my shoulders and hips got very mobile in a very short time thanks to doing hundreds of repetitions of athletic and functional exercises every week.

There are many ways to skin the cat, in the end it depends on what you need and want personally. In addition to shaping your body, Warrior 20XX is all about athleticism, functionality and performance at the world-class level.

A regular gym workout is a great way to improve your fitness but it's not going to make you athletic or mobile or improve your endurance and conditioning.

Now, after 30 Days of Discipline Bootcamp the war is not over. I won the first fight but I'm still progressing. I'm very happy with the results but this is just the beginning.

If you want to improve your life, losing weight has to be one of the easiest ways to dramatically enhance the quality of your life. When you are lean, you just feel better, look better and move better.

But looking fit is only one small part of the equation. What me and Eero have learned over the years is that it doesn't matter how good you look if you are in pain and don't feel good. It's like this with everything: chronic pain and restrictions take the joy out of life.

Yet, this is what almost everyone is doing. People are sacrificing their internal health (digestion, hormones - the endocrine system) and external health (joint health) for the sake of looking good and appearing strong.

We know how it feels when you are crippled due to the pain in your back or when your performance is compromised due to your aching knees or shoulders. It kills confidence, it kills self- esteem and it can even cause depression.

Looking good and having the beach bod is great... but health comes first.

This is where I am personally right now: I have zero problems with my joints and I'm the most mobile, athletic and well-rounded I have ever been. This is all thanks to the 20XX programs such as Athlete 20XX and Movement 20XX.

For me, now it's more about shedding off the fat and getting my endurance up so I can look and perform at my highest potential.

The 30 Days of Discipline Bootcamp is only the beginning. With some modifications I will continue it for another 30 days. And then for another 30 days. Maybe I will never stop.

I did the essential work and fixed the crippling issues in my body. Now it's time to "shine" because nothing is holding me back.

Warrior 20XX and exploring my passion with martial arts is how this happens.

I'm motivated and ready to go. I hope my transformation inspires and motivates you to make the necessary changes you need to make. Believe me, you have the ability to change and you certainly have room to improve.

I wasted years carrying excess weight due to lack of discipline (in eating) and not doing what I needed to do.

The 30 days is supposed to be hard but it's way easier than wasting life not living the life you could live. Any month, I could have just gotten rid of the excess weight and gotten on track if I had wanted to. 

But I didn't. I was stuck. Frankly speaking, I don't know why. Everything is so simple in retrospect but looking back, I just lacked the power to make the change.

Until I got the power and made the change.

By the way, The 30 Days of Discipline Bootcamp is a new addition to Warrior 20XX. Even without the Bootcamp, the program has produced transformative results as seen below.

"have been training with the Athlete 20XX and Warrior 20XX programs for a year now. I started doing the Warrior 20XX as my conditioning routine, these are really fun and tough workouts but depending on the intensity you do them with, I think anybody can benefit from these." - Roni Tuomi, Finland.

Coyote Jackson

"I lost 105 lbs in weight (47 kgs or 7.5 stone) from 320 lbs to 215. From size 4XL to comfortably in size Large. From 42 inch pants to size 32 inch. This feels good." - Coyote Jackson, USA.

The thing with the bootcamp is that it will instil discipline, build mental toughness and help you burn fat fast. It's basically a cutting cycle.

However, Warrior 20XX can also be utilized for muscle gain and massive improvements in performance. Here's Chance (competitive BJJ practitioner) who gained 12 pounds and saw huge benefits in BJJ and body in general after 9 months of following Warrior 20XX.

Fixing your body starts with your mind. It happens through discipline, mental toughness and eliminating enemies such as procrastination.

If you have issues in your body that are holding you back, Warrior 20XX is not the best program for that purpose because it pushes you to your physical and mental limits - fix your body first. 

Movement 20XX, Athlete 20XX and Morning Routine 20XX are far better programs for fixing and restoring the body and they have the best track record out there regarding this.

If you are ready to go hard, if you are ready to see how far you can go and if you are ready to unveil the perfection that is under the fat... then Warrior 20XX is the program for you.

Stay strong.


samuli jyrkinen

About the author 

Samuli Jyrkinen

Samuli is the ninja behind the scenes (photography, videography, websites, program platforms and more). He has been training religiously for over a decade and has a firm grasp of physical and mental fitness. You will find our story here.

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