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VAHVA Fitness

THIS IS WAR! Advanced Full Body Intensity Challenge

By VAHVA Fitness on Jun 29th. 2019

Advanced full body circuit for the crazy ones. You will also learn the exercise selection and workouts of Warrior 20XX. 

Here's a full body conditioning circuit challenge just to give a glimpse of the level of conditioning that is built in our new Warrior 20XX program

This is NOT the structure that is used in Warrior 20XX - the workouts of Warrior 20XX are far more longer, effective and gruelling than this one. 

Warrior 20XX is far from a typical workout program. Why? Because we really went our way to find the best solution for the problem of developing the most well-rounded and complete physique. 

Warrior 20XX is our third program of this saga and it further completes this equation by allowing us and you to master the art and science of conditioning and strength endurance.

If you are not aware of our story, we would recommend checking it out. You can see the full story here.

We basically traveled the world for nearly 3 years meeting different teachers and coaches while continuously training people and researching the field of movement, fitness and hand-to-hand combat.

Warrior 20XX is the result of years of research and cultivated knowledge we acquired on our travels around the world expanding our knowledge.

The program consists of high intensity follow-along workouts – a workout structure we learned while training with the world-renowned masters such as Jiang Yu Shan, Georges St-Pierre and Michael Jai White.

The workout structure of Warrior 20XX is similar to Tabata workouts but not quite the same. It's a lot more intense form of training but with even better results (Tabata is already known for great results).

The exercise selection is the most versatile and effective. You will be utilizing exercises from movement training, bodybuilding, martial arts, athletic training, kettlebell training, qigong and so on. 

lunge step movement

Most of these we also either developed or learned while traveling across the world. While many high intensity workouts are designed to only burn fat and build muscle, these workouts will also develop the utmost levels of athleticism and functional strength.

We are doing various sports and arts such as dance, MMA and fencing on a weekly basis – we want strength training that is transferable and functional, not just superficial.

Since high stress workouts force you to breathe heavily, Warrior 20XX also comes with 3 special breathing techniques for high stress and pressure situations.

We learned these breathing techniques while studying Pilates, Yoga, Qigong and Systema (Steve Maxwell). 

Just for the information and knowledge alone, Warrior 20XX is a unique monster. Add to that all the tutorials and follow-along workouts, the program is basically a steal.

Below you can see a closer look into the actual workouts of Warrior 20XX.

All Workouts of Warrior 20XX

Here is a complete list of all workouts in Warrior 20XX.


Punch Through (Bodyweight)

Systematic Demolition (Dumbbell)

Farmer's Strength (Kettlebell)


Bodyweight 100 (Bodyweight)

Warrior Walk (Dumbbell)

Bell Ninja (Kettlebell)


Vortex (Bodyweight)

Spartan Will (Dumbbell)

Bell Breaker (Kettlebell)


Iron Body (Bodyweight)

Samurai Commitment (Dumbbell)

SISU - The Finnish Grit (Kettlebell)

The interesting thing about Warrior 20XX is that you don't really know how hard the workout can be until you give it a try. A basic push up becomes a killer when you do it in the workout structure of Warrior 20XX.

"Beginner" doesn't mean it's not good for elite or advanced – it merely means the workout can be done by beginners.

Just like a champion boxer NEVER STOPS polishing the basic jab and cross, a true mover or an athlete NEVER stops working on the basics.

That's why we are not big fans of the ideology behind "progressive" training - it implies the person somehow progresses from the basics when in reality it doesn't happen, EVER.

If you are elite level trainer, you have 12 workouts to choose from. These should last for months to years since it's good to focus on just 1 or 2 workouts per week and keep repeating them until you master them. 

If you are a beginner... it's time to start the climb.

Reaching the Championship Level Conditioning & Physique

follow-along conditioning circuit tabata high intensity workout

Super intense workouts may seem frightening at first but that's why we don't just have different difficulty levels but all workouts are also possible to do either for 3 rounds or 5 rounds (2 additional championship rounds).

A Chinese proverb says that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and that is indeed the case.

Step by step you will be moving closer to your goal. There is no magic in fitness. None. When the recipe is right, the results will manifest in reality. 

If you are already fit, Iron body, Samurai Commitment and SISU should give you a worthy challenge.

If you are a beginner, let's get to work and eliminate all weakness from your mind and body until you are worthy to be considered a warrior.

The path to glory is Warrior20XX.com

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