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VAHVA Fitness

The ONE QUESTION mankind has tried to solve for millennia

By VAHVA Fitness on September 8, 2019

This is VAHVA Fitness and we are ready.

How do you build the most complete and functional physique without destroying the body in the process?

This is the question mankind has tried to solve for thousands of years.

Some cultures have come close but many of these ancient arts are lost and forgotten.

Nowadays, people train just to look good and destroy the body in the process without gaining any real functionality.

People abuse the body with unnecessary supplements and take illegal and dangerous substances to enhance their bodies to gain validation and attention from others.

I became close to taking this road too but luckily I made the realization early, that this isn't what I truly want. I refused to walk the popular road and instead took the one much less travelled.

handstand and calisthenics

Handstand practice at younger age.

My name is Eero Westerberg and I’m the head coach of VAHVA Fitness.

I’m a martial artist. A dancer. A personal trainer. A strength coach. A teacher of movement, posture and performance. And the list keeps expanding every year.

In my early 20s I began a search to figure out how to develop the most complete physique.

I begun a relentless experimentation and studying day after day often finishing my training when it was past midnight.

I had enough humility to realize I wasn’t going to figure everything out on my own though. I had experience in martial arts such as taekwondo and boxing.

I started to do thaiboxing and drew lots of inspiration from capoeira as well. I tried dances such as contemporary dance and breakdance.

back lever calisthenics

Training the back lever a long time ago in Finland as a young university student.

I obsessively researched and trained according to the old school strongmen and bodybuilders who still had the remnants of the real performance.

I did calisthenics and gymnastics, barefoot running and animal movement training.

Soon, I became a coach and started training clients and students from all over the world.

I traveled the world for nearly 3 years with my training partner Samuli developing our craft while learning Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, Athletic training, Kung fu and Qigong just to name a few. 

croatia eero westerberg

Strength and athletic training was the focus in Croatia back in 2016.

All this while continuing with my own day to day research into mobility, control and strength.

In the midst of the travels we developed our own workout method and system where we go deep into the body.

I discovered the best methods to strengthen any part of the body, fix nagging and persistent injuries with staggering success rate and how to maximise performance.

I also trained and discussed with some of the best minds of our time and kept learning more. I visited many countries, too many to name them all.

Real Chinese Kung Fu Monkey Kung Fu

Training with Taiwan's master of monkey kung fu Jiang Yu Shan who is also the master of other kung fu styles, Qigong and Chinese health practices.

Eventually, I returned to Helsinki, Finland where I’m originally from.

Now I’m an aspiring mixed martial artist who‘s planning to fight someday just to see how far our training methods can take me.

What did I get out of this obsessive and massive nearly a decade long research and experiment?

I learned that there are certain “universals” that are part of all training styles. We started to find matching principles and similarities between our own discoveries and the other arts we studied.

ice hole ancient viking ritual ice swimming

Finland is like this, for the most part.

Certain exercises and training principles kept repeating over and over again no matter what you did. An essence that is part of everything.

I realized that it was a fool’s errand to try to learn everything out of everything when you can just directly go to the source.

Fundamentally, all human physiques are the same with the same joint articulations and the same functions.

ALL arts and crafts build upon this same essence. If you capture the essence and learn to develop it, you can develop the body in a way that it gets better in all aspects of human movement and performance.

Old school strength. Don't try this at home.

I found out that these universals transfer to all aspects of health and fitness and allow you to excel and succeed in all physical endeavours.

I wanted to eliminate all the specificity of different arts that has very little crossover to anything and only focus on universal training that crossovers to everything.

I came to understand the profound importance of the mind and how it's inseparable from the body.

To succeed in training you must strengthen the mind as well and cultivate a deep mental connection to your body. Not only this but you have to be resilient to not go after the gimmicks and trends that promise quick results.

After all the work, our training method was born and after many years of fire testing it has been proven and tested to work with magnificent results.

I’ve personally built my body with the exact methods and so have thousands of our users from all over the world.

Now it’s not just me and Samuli but a worldwide movement that wants to improve the fitness landscape as a whole.

lizard crawl flow movement

We focus on health, posture and performance as the priorities. Great Appearance is simply the inevitable side product.

Your health is your wealth and without a good posture and a balanced physique great performance doesn't exist.

We believe in courage to go after what you want, persistence to stick to what you're doing and having gratitude when you get the results.

We think long-term and see the big picture. We understand that longevity and sustainable training are incredibly important.

Life is long and you don’t want to destroy the body when you are young.

As much as we develop the body, we understand that the mind and body are connected and we also need to cultivate the right values and beliefs regarding life and training.

We focus on healthy natural living that respects the body. Yet, we are competitive and want the most functional and powerful physique that’s attainable.

Holistic, complete and universal training that enhances all and every aspect of your life.

This is VAHVA Fitness and we are ready.

monkey fist monkey kung fu eero westerberg

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