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VAHVA Fitness


By VAHVA Fitness on July 10th. 2019

Intensity. Action. Vigour. This video is FIREWORKS. Take the first step on your path to glory.

Everyone's path to glory is different but we are all on a path to somewhere better. For us, it's helping people with our programs and pursuing competitive fighting in mixed martial arts. 

One of the reasons why we are interested in mixed martial arts is that we want to prove the superiority of our training methodology at the highest level.

For you the path to glory can be finding the natural state of being where you are healthy, pain-free and functional (we would actually consider this the foundation for everything).

Or it can be losing the excess weight and building muscle so you can be healthier and look & feel better.

Or it can be related to sports, martial arts or dance and be ultimately about self-expression and just reaching the best version of yourself. 

Or maybe it's about learning how to move very well and perform amazing stunts.

Regardless of the direction, we are all on a warrior's path and want to be more fulfilled and happier inside out.

Lately, our dominant "theme" has been about aggressively going after what you want. We believe that there is a time and place for peace and relaxation - in fact if you are always in the war zone you will wear yourself out. 

Yet, many times if not always reaching your goals and fulfilling your desires requires a fight. You must go to war and fight for the next stage of your evolution. 

It's not going to happen without effort, grit and perseverance.

Moreover, it's not going to be easy either. It takes courage to change especially if you and everyone else have accustomed to the old version of you. 

You need to fight against the expectations of others and be boldly who you want to be. In this regard transforming yourself is a mental battle in addition to the physical one.

Real change is not going to happen without hard and intense physical effort. It takes hard work and effort to change. You need to see it as both physical and mental challenge.

You fight with everything you got until you no longer have the ability to fight. Then, you prepare for the next battle which in this context would be a workout.

You stay on the track, you stay committed and keep the eye on the prize. You don't worry about how long it's going to take, the fight alone is enough to fill your soul.

A workout after a workout you will be moving closer to your ideal. In every workout you will be killing the old version of you in order to make room for the new version. 

You will still be the same person but just better, faster, stronger and more confident. After you work hard for something, it fills you with a sense of pride and fulfillment.

Anything that is easy is not going to change you, mentally or physically. Eventually, what is hard will become easy and you will be craving for even a bigger challenge.

You'll get hungry again even though you've just eaten. You got a taste of something better and it increased your confidence to thrive for even more.

Now you push even harder than before. Commitment becomes easy because the workouts become a natural part of your life. You look back and see all the work you've done to get to where you are now.

The secret ingredients of success such as grit, effort and perseverance do not discriminate between people. Everyone can develop them and use them to their advantage.

The hardest part is getting started and then continuing to do the work when the going gets tough – but you don't have to do it alone. 

Moreover, nobody should do it alone. The path to glory shouldn't be a lonely path. All world class athletes have coaches and mentors, and for a good reason.

Even coaches use other coaches to help them and teachers learn from other teachers to push them to the next level.

If you are serious about changing your body, if you are ready to fight for what you want, if you are committed and willing to show up workout after workout, you have what it takes to separate yourself from the rest and reach your ultimate physique.

The path to glory is Warrior20XX.com. Your job is to just follow the workouts and do your best. That's all. Anyone can do it, it takes no talent to work hard. 

The program is tested. It works. A lot of people including us have already gotten amazing benefits out of it and we keep reaching for more.

Warrior 20XX is a tool to help you get what you want. It's the perfect tool for losing fat, building muscle and developing a physique that is agile, functional and incredibly powerful.

You will develop the exact same type of conditioning and strength endurance that elite athletes have in various sports which allows them to excel at the highest levels. 

You'll become a warrior who will not and cannot be stopped. An unstoppable machine. Relentless.

We personally use the same workouts to get in our best shape and we have incredibly high standards when it comes to the results – we settle for nothing less than excellence.

This is what our path to glory demands – excellence and real results. We are willing to test the results of our workouts in the harshest environments out there so you and we can have the best training available.

Take the first step and begin your path to glory at Warrior20XX.com

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