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VAHVA Fitness

The New Warrior Race

By VAHVA Fitness on May 29th. 2019

Through grit, commitment and relentless effort you shall be reborn. Are you ready to join the new warrior race?

Commitment is the secret ingredient to getting everything you want. No change can happen in a week but if you stick to the process and don't give up, the Gods will bless you with the body and strength you desire.

In the past, the greatest warriors of history didn't have a problem with commitment.

Samurais would rather perform ritualistic suicides (seppuku) than fail their mission. Spartans would march towards their enemies even when it seemed hopeless.

We have channeled the spirit of these past warriors towards Warrior 20XX - our new training program which is coming out next month. 

The purpose, format and content of this program will be entirely different from Athlete 20XX and Movement 20XX. 

This tends to be the case for all of our programs. Every time we create a program, we want it to emphasize different areas of fitness and allow you to make progress and gains in whole new territory of fitness. 

Get Battle Ready.

monkey fist monkey kung fu eero westerberg

Gym: FireBody in Helsinki, Finland.

Although all of our programs are great for muscle gain and fat loss, the main purpose of Warrior 20XX will be these 3 things:

  1. Fat loss
  2. Muscle gain
  3. Conditioning

The workouts will be gruelling. They will push you to the limits and beyond. This time you have to follow the lead and instead of counting the repetitions, you will be fighting against time. 

Warrior 20XX has been designed to push you to the realm of the warriors. If you follow the workouts the best you can, there will be no doubt you will reap amazing results in the shortest amount of time.

In fact, Warrior 20XX is a program you do for 4 weeks (or longer) to get the best and most conditioned physique of your life. 

Imagine a fight camp for a boxing or MMA fight: the purpose of the fight camp is to get the fighter in the best possible battle ready shape in the shortest time. This is what Warrior 20XX can do for you as well. 

We have also designed the program in a way that it's perfect for beginners to start (but be aware: it won't be easy). If you think you are in shape, the hardest workouts of Warrior 20XX will redefine what being in shape actually means.

The Balance of Ferocity and Serenity

breathing warrior 20xx

In the East, the warriors were not just known for their aggression but also for their serene and calm presence.

Imagine a Shaolin monk or a Samurai - with the calm resolution they would not lose control or be frightened in the midst of battle. 

Warrior 20XX combines both the ferocity of a Viking and the calmness of a Samurai.

As a result, Warrior 20XX will also feature various tactics and breathing methods to deal with stress and pressure. These same methods work great for general anxiety, depression and recovery as well.

Warrior 20XX will be on a different level. Everything about it will be unique and designed to maximize your results in fat loss, muscle gain and conditioning. 


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