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VAHVA Fitness

The FEAR of Losing Gains (VP Ep. 01)

By VAHVA Fitness on October 17, 2019

Here's our first podcast that is related to FEAR and how it likely controls your training, makes you insecure and wastes your energy.

Topics discussed in the podcast:

In this podcast, we will talk about fear and how it likely causes you to overtrain, overeat and overstimulate the body with various substances.

We talk about optimizing the body for progress, how mainstream marketing messes with your head and how to find your way to freedom.

Timestamps and discussed topics:

  • 2:00 Overeating and overtraining due to fear
  • 3:00 How protein and the need of protein is overly marketed today
  • 5:10 Getting too much of anything is a problem
  • 7:30 How marketing creates fear and insecurity
  • 10:10 You need to take breaks from training to recover and progress
  • 12:00 Fear wastes your energy that could be redirected to better activities
  • 14:25 Injuries are caused by overtraining that is caused by fear
  • 16:00 Obsession about skills such as front lever and where it takes you
  • 18:30 What will give you the most confidence
  • 20:45 No need to prove your prowess when your entire being shines strength. Ready to lose strength and size to become truly better
  • 25:20 Coaching client moving to more intuitive approach with more respect for the body
  • 28:55 How athletic physique is more appealing than the big bloated physique
  • 30:00 How to ELIMINATE fear and gain freedom

Notes from the Authors:

Here's our very first podcast, we wish you find the content interesting and useful. We have more coming out soon and you can expect them to have video footage in addition to just audio. We will touch on many interesting topics in the future.

We have been rather quiet online but lots of things have been happening offline.

In case you didn't know, we have been traveling this whole October in Asia and we just landed in Taiwan where we will be meeting again with the master Jiang Yu Shan.

We first traveled to Shanghai, China but we were behind the Great Firewall of China which pretty much hindered us from accessing the mainstream social platforms such as YouTube. 

Later, we traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to do an intense 7-day Muay Thai camp. We tried to upload the podcast but it would have taken days to get it online with our poor internet connection.

Now, the connection in Taiwan is excellent and we have videos related to Shanghai and Bangkok coming out soon. We will also be filming content with Jiang Yu Shan which should blow your minds.

Stay tuned.

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