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VAHVA Fitness

The Differences Between Warrior 20XX, Movement 20XX and Athlete 20XX

By VAHVA Fitness on August 24, 2019

The main differences between our 3 biggest training programs: Movement 20XX, Athlete 20XX and Warrior 20XX.

All of our programs are primarily focused on functionality, performance and posture according to our core values.

The appearance is simply the result of your physical health and capability. We will rather be the real deal than only look like one. It's certainly possible to have both.

All three programs are built structural balance and posture in mind so they are excellent for eliminating imbalances and in general strengthening the body as a whole. This will help to fix chronic pains and injuries.

Not a single program is better than another one: they are simply different and focus on different areas of physical fitness.

Just like no exercise is the best for everything, there doesn't exist a program that is best for everything.

For example, building mobility and strength requires patience, control and focus - whereas burning fat and developing conditioning are done in the exact opposite way with less control but with more volume and a higher pace.

 All three programs are fundamentally very different with different sets of exercises and movements (there isn't that much overlap), with different tools and with a very different focus.

This is great news because it simply means that you will be getting profound benefits of 3 vastly different training styles.

Here are the main differences between the programs.

Movement 20XX

  • Learn a wide spectrum of movements from animal movements to dance, yoga, martial arts and sports.
  • Excellent for making the body limber, mobile and flexible.
  • Develop foundational coordination and body control.

Movement 20XX is our program to learn movement, build mobility and get fit in the process.

It's a combination of movement training (animal movements, martial arts movements, fitness, dance, yoga, gymnastics and a lot more) and strength & mobility training (active flexibility drills and mobility drills).

For beginners who are not familiar with all the different ways to move the body, Movement 20XX can be very exciting because you will be learning lots of new things. You will also learn to move the body in many amazing ways you likely previously haven't.

You will explore the territories of movement and open up the body along the way. For making the body limber, dynamic and elastic, Movement 20XX is the best.

sebastian's movement 20xx review movement20xx testimonial

Movement 20XX exceeded all of my expectations! The content is clean and well delivered, the programming is sound, and above all fun and inspiring. On par with participation in an internship at an extremely high level sports facility, Movement 20XX was the best investment for my own fitness and fitness knowledge that I have ever made. - Sebastian

Movement 20XX has lots of stretching compared to our other programs and you will spend a lot more time on skill training and learning static strength skills such as the elbow lever, L/V-sit and more.

You will also be developing good levels of coordination, body control and spatial awareness that is required in movement, sports, dance and martial arts.

In other words, Movement 20XX is a massive package to develop all the basics of human physicality from strength, mobility and flexibility to coordination and skill.

Athlete 20XX

  • Develop an athletic physique from zero to hero.
  • Focus directly on the body: develop strength, mobility, stability, speed and power.
  • The most advanced methodology: precision training.

Apart from many of the power exercises of Phase 3, Athlete 20XX doesn't really focus on moving the body as a whole that much. 

Athlete 20XX is all about precision, focus and control.

You will be learning how to target and control individual muscles and focus on directly strengthening every part of your body.

We are using some dumbbells and barbells here but the weights are light because we are not learning how to lift heavy – we are learning how to develop and move the body.

In Phase 1, you will focus on strength and mobility. In Phase 2, stability and balance. In Phase 3, speed and power.

Athlete 20XX is roughly 70% bodyweight training and 30% weights. We are using weights more in Phase 2 where stability training often requires small weights to create disturbance to the body's stability mechanics.

I'm just about to finish the third round of phase 1, where I made remarkable progress building muscle mass, increasing energy and physical strength. Moreover, I forgot what it means to be sore after workouts. Results are thriving and I can fully enjoy the process!" In eleven weeks of persistent training I've improved my bone density and gained a solid 2kg of lean muscle mass. - Agne

We are going directly into the body instead of strengthening the body through various movements. You will learn how to control your body like never before and target muscles and areas you didn't know existed.

For improving posture, fixing pains and injuries and improving the overall structure of the body, Athlete 20XX is second to none – it can have amazing results in bulletproofing your joints.

Athlete 20XX has also been shown to build muscle mass very effectively and after several cycles of Athlete 20XX, people barely look the same.

Warrior 20XX

  • Optimized for burning fat, building muscle and developing conditioning.
  • High intensity follow-along workouts.
  • Utilize your bodyweight, dumbbells and kettlebells.

All programs are great for building muscle and burning fat but for these two Warrior 20XX is the best. Warrior 20XX is also the best for improving your cardiovascular health and conditioning.

Like you can expect, you will be sweating a lot and breathing heavy. There are workouts for 4 different levels (Beginner to Elite) but all workouts are supposed to be rather hard and challenging.

Warrior 20XX is also our only program with kettlebell training. We have been using kettlebells since the beginning and they do offer some very unique benefits that are hard to get with other tools.

For unique and effective kettlebell training, Warrior 20XX is the go-to program. In addition to kettlebells, you will also have a choice between using only your bodyweight or a set of dumbbells.

Warrior 20XX testimonial

Phew, when the guys from vahvafitness release a new program, you can be sure it’s awesome and kicks your ass in a good way! Just survived the first workout (including championship rounds) of warrior 20xx and Eero pushed me to my limits! Good stuff! The “Gatling gun upper cuts” and “Straitjacket” were heaven and hell! Thank you guys! - Peter

There are 12 different workout routines in total so there is plenty of training for people who prefer kettlebells, dumbbells or bodyweight.

The workouts are also very unique mixes of typical gym exercises, martial arts movements and movement training. 

Warrior 20XX is also our only 100% follow-along program where Eero will be doing every single repetition with you, spending the rest periods with you and cheering and pumping you up during the rounds and on rest periods.

Mentality = Physicality

20xx programs mentality

We don't believe in separating the mind from the body – when everything is in harmony everything is all one.

Although these are physical fitness programs, they will also develop your mind.

Warrior 20XX is all about intensity and the indomitable will that refuses to quit when the going gets hard. For developing mental toughness Warrior 20XX is the program.

Movement 20XX on the other hand is about freeing the mind. It's about exploration, play and freedom. About inner confidence and self-discovery.

Finally, Athlete 20XX is the most intelligent program out there and focuses on precision, control and focus. We use the mind to control the body to the highest degree. It's literally mind over matter.

Three programs combined, you have a very unique set of skills that you can use anywhere in life. How you develop the body is how you study or learn anything else.

Warrior 20XX teaches you how to stay on track and keep your eye on the ball. To not give up and TO NEVER SURRENDER.

Athlete 20XX how to focus on the task at hand with surgeon-like precision and focus.

Movement 20XX how to take it easy and feel the joy of living. It's about returning to the roots of physicality and expressing yourself fully. Ultimately, it's about not letting fear control your life and behaviour.

We personally use all of these all in our daily life. We have built VAHVA Fitness with these exact principles. This is how we focus on Mixed Martial Arts – and will ultimately succeed.

These programs are our track record, present, past and future. We master one area and turn the research, knowledge and expertise into a program so it can help other people as well.

If you just want to get 1 program – no problem, you will get a lot out of it. If you want to maximize your physique and mind, getting all 3 is a no brainer.

We now have a bundle which makes getting all 3 more affordable.

You can browse the programs here.

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