The Architecture of Your Physical Foundation

April 3, 2021 by VAHVA Fitness

What is behind performance? This is the architecture of your physical foundation. It's time to lay the bricks.

You've seen it, people showcasing amazing moves, speed, explosiveness and feats of performance.

You start to think that this is how you need to train to get to the highest level, and this is what you need to be at the pinnacle of fitness.

The showy highlights are often displayed but very few talk about what is behind them. What is great function and performance built upon? What gives you much more than just a couple of flashy moves?

What gives you a foundation for a lifetime of physical health and prowess?⁣

Years ago I made the mistake myself and I went straight after the most impressive moves and skills thinking that by getting those I would achieve some sort of super body and peak performance.⁣

Many people are tempted to start collecting skills, trying to build the most amount of muscle and lifting the most amount of weight before they've done any proper groundwork.

For the average person, this is the absolute worst way of training regarding the long-term shape of their body. Actually, it is far from optimal even for pro athletes.

The skills, stunts and jumps can be inspiring but they shouldn't be confused with a systematic methodology for building up the body.

The external goals are fine but they are too superficial and restrictive for building a comprehensive base.

Even the best and most successful athletes who seem to possess it all, the muscles, health and skills have a methodological and intelligent approach to training that you may not see.

But you don't want to remain in blindness for your whole life, do you?

You want to know the methods that allow you to progress through your whole life.

You want to understand a way of progressing that isn't tide to damaging training practices and counting numbers.

You want to get to the point where you have such a grasp over your body and its functions that you can produce the maximal amount of gains from any type of training.

You want to have a body where each joint is bulletproofed.

You want to be able to sense your posture, stability and support.

You want to – know your body and be able to trust it.

This ground-laying itself will already produce a massive amount of gains in your strength, control and muscle development. You're working with precision, mindfulness and quality to develop every corner of your body.

The articulations, the attributes, the architecture.

The process itself is never without bumps, ups and downs but every toil will bring its lessons and learning. It will become diligent and organic work where you're slowly discovering every uncharted territory of your body. You. Are. The Training.

As you ingest the principles and reap the rewards of higher-level body control and awareness, your progress will become smoother and more foreseeable.

The most difficult part is to find your beginning. Because that's the only point where the foundation can be built.

This is where we will help you. In Athlete 20XX system, we will show you where to start, how to turn your weaknesses into outstanding progress and how to transform your body from zero to hero.

All the building blocks behind performance, athleticism and radiant strength are revealed.

Are you ready to take a look?

The Dysfunctional Gym Culture

When we walk into a popular gym, we see it every day: knee supports, back supports, elbow supports.

Not only that, it seems that every second person has a story to tell how his or her shoulder or knee is hurting and in pain.

Right now, we are training in a very popular gym with professional fighters, Instagram superstars and more. A lot of popular lifters and fitness people you see online hide their injury history because it's not a good look on their training methodology.

For example, recently Lazar Angelov, a world famous fitness model shared his past how injuries almost destroyed him. Mentally and physically. He spent $300k on doctors and several years trying to fix himself. He is still not 100%.

We were going down this path 10 years ago as well. We followed the mainstream way of training which was more about ego than it was about real body development. The result? We got hurt like everyone else.

Overcoming this problem led us to developing a sustainable methodology that allows the person to develop to the highest level without sacrificing his or her health or joints in the process. Here are our core values.

This also directed us to learn from people like Steve Maxwell who as a professional trainer for 40 years understood the long term consequences of training. Later, we traveled to Taiwan to learn real ancient Qigong from one of the greatest Qigong grandmasters of our time.

Pain or Broken Joints are Not Part of the Game

In the modern era of bodybuilding there stands out two individuals above everyone else: Ronnie Coleman (8-time Mr. Olympia) and Jay Cutler (4-time Mr. Olympia).

Do you know what is the big difference between the two?

Ronnie Coleman always lifted heavy. Jay Cutler always lifted light with a proper methodology.

The result? Ronnie Coleman is now retired and has had 13 surgeries. Many to his spine. He has said that he has spent millions of $USD in surgeries which haven't even fixed the problems. 

Jay Cutler? He is also retired but healthy with no joint problems. He can enjoy the rest of his life with no pain.

Consider this fact: both individuals became champions in their sport and grew a massive amount of muscle mass. Their methodologies and approaches were just different.

In the previous eras, you could also see individuals such as Serge Nubret and Frank Zane become Mr. Olympias by lifting light and focusing on principles such as mind-muscle connection.

The reality is that you can reach the highest level with light weights and a proper methodology. There is no need to sacrifice your joints and health to do it.

Destroy your body once and you will have a very painful existence for the rest of your life. And consider the fact that for the vast majority of people their livelihood does not depend on their training career.

Should Athletes Lift Heavy?

In general – no. Heavy weights can be utilized but in very specific instances in a fashion that is not causing any damage to the joints, tendons or anything else.

One of the main purposes of strength and conditioning is not only to increase performance and athleticism but to also bulletproof the joints and prevent injuries in training or competition. Most people forget the latter part.

If you do martial arts, dance or sports, you know that the sport alone can be rough on the joints and tendons. Accidents happen and unpredictability often leads to accidental injuries.

Literally the last thing you want to do is to cause further damage to your body with supplementary training. Yet, this is exactly what a lot of people do.

For professional athletes, a broken elbow will not just cost a crazy amount of money to fix but it can also ruin the career and livelihood of the individual. Many of these cases can be prevented.

With a proper training methodology, you will not just get better results but you become less prone to injuries. If you have existing injuries, a proper training can and often does fix these issues as well.

Progression without More Weight or Difficult Variations

If you are a casual lifter or trainee, it's time to grow up and get rid of the ego. Let's be frank, no one cares whether you lift 40 pounds dumbbells or 20 pounds dumbbells during a workout.

"But what about the progressive overload principle? You cannot just do the same thing and expect to grow. Your body gets stronger and to grow even stronger it needs more resistance to grow!"

You are right gentleman. However, when it comes to progressing, the progression doesn't have to happen with weights or with the exercise variation. 

Of course these methods work but you will be forced to go further and further until your joints and tendons can no longer take it. Moreover, you will damage your joints over time that will add up over the years.

This happens with both weights and bodyweight exercises. Always running to the next "advanced" bodyweight progression is exactly the same as trying to lift the most amount of weight. Even with a good form this will lead to problems.

And let's be frank again, very few people use a good form. And if they do, there are levels to a good form. What is a good form for you may be a bad form for us, believe it or not.

"But if I shouldn't progress with the weight or with the hardest bodyweight variation, how else can I progress?".

There are many ways. Many.

Here a few:

  • Mind-muscle connection (the most important)
  • Stability and body mechanics (form)
  • Tempo (slow vs. fast)
  • Volume, frequency and different phases

Does this sound a lot more intelligent than just lifting the most amount of weight? It is.

It takes knowledge and education to train properly. It also requires mindfulness, patience and focus.

This is not all. In addition to the training sessions itself, the person should structure the training sessions to different Phases. These Phases will work as a progression as well because each Phase has a different purpose and benefit.

Once you open up your mind, you will realize that with a little bit  of focus and understanding you can receive all the benefits of training but without any of the negative effects. This is the next level. Clean and pure progress.

What Athlete 20XX Really Is.

Athlete 20XX is the remedy for the dysfunctional gym culture. It is the cure for the broken joints and the recipe for a long term success. It's the solution for the ignorance of the masses.

It is the proof that you can develop the body in a sustainable way without the use of drugs or heavy weights.

It contains the wisdom of the old school strongmen and bodybuilders from the early 1900s who already figured a lot of this out. Prior to performance enhancing drugs.

We merely took the old methods a step further and applied the principles and knowledge in a more complete and comprehensive manner to athletic training and movement.

It's not a surprise it is our most in depth workout program. It is our flagship program because it has the solution to a problem very few have figured out – how to go from zero to hero in a sustainable manner.

If you have joint pain, then this program is for you. You will learn the sustainable way to develop and train the body.

Especially when you are getting older, hurting your body is the last thing you want to do. You want to avoid the expensive and painful surgeries and depression/misery that is often caused by physical problems.

The best part is that you can apply the methodology of the program to any exercise out there. Athlete 20XX gives you the tools with close to a hundred of exercises but the real value lies behind the method.

This program will help you to get fit. You will build real athleticism. Real strength. Mobility. Stability. Speed and power.

Most importantly, it will teach you the method to progress your entire life in a way that respects the body instead of abuses it.

Does this sound important to you?

You can find the program here.

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