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Roni Tuomi 

I have been training with the Athlete 20XX and Warrior 20XX programs for a year now. 

I start doing the Warrior 20XX as my conditioning routine, these are really fun and tough workouts but depending on the intensity you do them with, I think anybody can benefit from these. I really like them for their simplicity and the fact that you can do them anywhere, I travel a lot so I don’t always have access to a gym. I have done the workouts at home, parks and beaches just to name a few.

For me the program was pretty easy to follow, and I enjoyed the challenge it brought. The athlete program was a life saver for me. I spent a lot of money and time trying to fix my body while getting nowhere, so getting a healthy and strong body at this price point is something I cant recommend enough.

VAHVA Fitness has helped me to overcome injuries, build an athletic foundation to compete in martial arts and lose fat.