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53, Spain

"Eero designed a routine catered to my needs, and after two weeks, my back pain was almost gone. "

For years my ongoing lower back pain persisted no matter how many training routines I tried at the gym. Stretching and physiotherapy weren't helping either.

Searching the internet for solutions, I came across Eero’s YouTube channel, and was particularly taken by a video describing his own challenge with back-pain and how with careful and slow training he got rid of it.

This approach convinced me, so I decided to contact him for one-to-one coaching. Initially skeptical about how such sessions could be effective via Skype, I soon discovered he had a great eye for spotting my exercises and helping me make subtle adjustments.

He designed a routine catered to my needs, and after two weeks, my back pain was almost gone. Eero has a deep knowledge of how a body moves, and is great at detecting weaknesses that cause problems. I believe in his philosophy regarding slow, clean, controlled exercises with perfect technique, rather than an emphasis on weight-lifting, speed and reps.

His insistence on mind-muscle connection is also really interesting, and love feeling my own progress as I become more aware of my body and feel stronger than ever.

I am extremely grateful for Eero’s help, which has improved my everyday life, now completely back-pain free.


"Eero seemingly instantly knows correct solution to fixing any injury or pain point you can ask him about. Bicep tendon – fixed. Pain behind knee – fixed. Glute pain – fixed. Pain between shoulders – fixed. And so on. And they get fixed QUICK."

I’ve been working with Eero for slightly less than 3 months, and during that tiny sliver of time I’ve made more progress with overcoming injuries, eliminating pain, increasing stability/flexibility/mobility and performing exercises correctly than I had in… THIRTEEN YEARS.

My first experience of muscular pain was in my neck and shoulders, which started when I started University. Constant aching, burning pain, every day. That pain spread down into my rotator cuff and wrists. I couldn’t do any study/work without pain.

Then there was the left knee injury from some bad form at the gym. I couldn’t bend at the hips with my leg straight, or my knee would hurt. It really screwed up my posture, and how I used my muscles. Before long, my ankle/hip/glutes/lower back on the left side was in constant pain.

Conventional “wisdom” told me that the solution was stretching and myofascial release.

Every article, blog, video and physiotherapist told me the exact same thing. “Stretch this, stretch that”. Use a tennis/lacrosse ball on this muscle. Blah blah blah. None of this every worked. Sure it gave relief, but I never experienced any significant/permanent lengthening or relaxing of my muscles.

I tried all sorts of things. Some gave relief.. but it was more like just keeping the pain at bay, rather than truly fixing it.

Well, fast forward to ~3 months ago. I was still on my quest to find a cure. I was watching YouTube, and suddenly, up comes a video by Vahva Fitness (Eero).

Well… I just had this feeling like I’d stumbled on something extremely significant. I began to watch more of his videos, and everything was making so much sense. It was like I was listening to the only guy on the entire planet that truly “gets it”.

I wondered to myself “does this guy have a course?”… and when I saw he did, I instantly bought it. It was fantastic. Over the next couple of weeks I practiced the material in the course and saw very fast improvements. Then I learned that Eero had a coaching program. I umm’d and ahh’d for a few days, but ultimately decided to write to him and ask him to coach me.

In the area of physical fitness, joining Eero’s coaching program is by far the best decision I’ve ever made.

As I said, in slightly less than 3 months I have made incredible progress. I don’t want to give away the “big idea” of Eero’s philosophy, though it is related to the mind muscle connection (a far more advanced application than you will ever see on any typical blog/channel).

Though I can tell you… 90% of the pain in my body is gone… and my posture is now better than probably 99% of people on the planet (not bragging – it’s all thanks to Eero).

Eero seemingly instantly knows correct solution to fixing any injury or paint point you can ask him about. Bicep tendon – fixed. Pain behind knee – fixed. Glute pain – fixed. Pain between shoulders – fixed. And so on. And they get fixed QUICK.

And that’s just the beginning. Because now that I’ve eliminated most of my pain… we’ve began to work on more “advanced” mobility (although Eero insists this is still the beginner part of the program).

I am looking forward to continue to work with him, and I have no doubt, that under his instruction I will be able eventually perform the feats of strength and mobility that he demonstrates in his video. Before finding Eero, I never imagined that I would be able to do that, but now I am certain.

To anyone considering Eero’s coaching program – do it. You will not regret it. In fact, it may be the best decision of your life. Good luck to you.

ian weight loss fat loss transformation

United Kingdom

Here is the story of Ian. He has been our client for some time now and he has made astonishing progress not only in fitness but in his lifestyle in general. Ian has basically turned his entire life around.

For example, quitting smoking after 25 years is probably one of the hardest things anyone can ever do!

Ian started with Movement 20XX and Athlete 20XX programs but soon realized that accountability and commitment were his biggest downfalls.

The best part about training programs is that they will keep you accountable but sometimes extra push is needed to really transform your life. As a result, Ian joined our personalized online coaching and has been kicking *** ever since.

Nowadays Ian is pretty much doing a customized version of Movement 20XX and Athlete 20XX. Thanks to our progressive style, our training systems are suitable for all fitness levels, all body types, ages and genders.

Without further ado, here is Ian's story in his own words. You can expect to get inspired and have a few laughs as well (this story is freaking awesome).