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October 29, 2016 by VAHVA Fitness

High intensity workout with 5 different exercises. Conditioning for the whole body!

Every now and then it's both fun and effective to shock the body with high intensity workouts.

High intensity workouts like this will help you to burn fat, build strength, develop cardiovascular endurance and condition your body to handle high volume at a high intensity (this is important for many sports).

Right nutrition is the key to staying lean, but there comes a point when it's hard to lose body fat with diet without diminishing your overall performance.

In cases like this high intensity workouts will help you to cut fat while allowing you to eat enough of nutrient dense food which then will allow you to push hard in workouts.

You can also expect to build strength and size. Muscular fatigue is a great feature of high intensity workouts.

When you start to get tired and your prime movers in different exercises get tired, your body needs to utilize the less developed muscles of your body to complete the repetitions. This will promote growth in these muscles.

There are also barely any rest - your cardiovascular endurance will improve while you are building strength and burning fat!

Movement CrossFit Workout

5 Rounds x 5 exercises, no rest between exercises and no rest between rounds!

Movement CrossFit Exercises

1. Sled push 20-30 meters

2. Hang power cleans 6 repetitions

3. Wide barbell push ups 5 repetitions

4. Medicine ball bunny hops 8 repetitions

5. Medicine ball push ups 5 repetitions

Sled Push

crossfit sled push for leg strength

Sled push is a phenomenal exercise to develop athleticism, because it doesn't have an eccentric portion to it. This is due to the fact that you are constantly pushing forward.

You can expect to develop your upper hip flexors, glutes and quads to a great degree. 

Sled push is also a good exercise to get your heart rate up and easy enough for everyone to do it. How much weight you use depends on your current level of fitness.

Hang Power Clean

hang power cleans crossfit

Raise the bar to your hips, lower it down a little and explode it up using the power of your hips and the strength of your upper body.

Hang power cleans will develop explosive power in your hips and upper body. Many people also develop big and powerful traps thanks to power cleans.

The key is to try to use as much hip drive as possible to lift the weight up. You should use your arms as little as possible.

Wide Barbell Push Up

wide crossfit push ups

Place your hands on a barbell, take a wide grip of the bar and do wide push ups.

Wide grip will ensure your chest will get the most work done and when you are holding onto the barbell, the overhand grip will make sure your elbows are pointing outwards.

You want your elbows to point outwards, because it will maximize your chest involvement.

Many fitness experts tell you not to flare your elbows with push ups - Here it's ok because this is a special variation of a push up where the whole point is to do that!

Wide push ups with flared elbows is a natural movement pattern (shoulder joint's transverse flexion) everyone needs to be able to do.

Bunny Hops w/ Medicine Ball

bunny hops for legs

Place a medicine ball next to your chest and start doing bunny hops. You don't necessarily need to go all the way down.

You can check this video out for all the bunny hops variations.

Bunny hops are an excellent way to build lower body strength and mobility. Good for both quads and the posterior chain.

The medicine ball will make it easier to stay upright, which makes the exercise even more effective.

Narrow Medicine Ball Push Ups

medicine balls push ups

Place your hands on a medicine ball and do push ups. The ball needs to touch your chest and not your stomach. Your elbows should point in!

These are narrow grip push ups where you want your elbows go in (this will target the front delts).

The narrow grip will target the triceps because there is lots of elbow extension involved.

Combine this exercise with the wide push ups and you are all set.

Train hard, stay safe.


samuli jyrkinen

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