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VAHVA Fitness

2020 Bodyweight Strength Challenge.

By VAHVA Fitness on June 23, 2020

Back to basics. Let's mix some movement and calisthenics into a workout challenge and see what we are made of.

We believe that mastering your bodyweight should be the first step when it comes to training and developing the body.

It's really the basic requirement. You are not carrying tens of kilos of water every day like they used to do in the past (or may still do in the developing world) or wielding swords that weigh a ton.

Your everyday life consists of carrying your bodyweight in different circumstances and places. For health, it's necessary for your muscles to be able to support yourself and hold a good posture.

Otherwise, eventually the "easy and effortless" everyday life can become a painful experience as it has become for many.

Learning how to move the body and how the body works is the foundation of our programs. And it all starts with bodyweight.

Weights are useful and can be used to emphasize different areas and pinpoint certain muscles. However, ultimately there is only human movement whether you are using weights or only your bodyweight. It's all the same.

This time, we have a 100% bodyweight challenge that can be done everywhere. This is one of the benefits of bodyweight training as well.




Floating Scorpion

10 repetitions in total (5 per side)

Archer Push Up
Push Up

10 repetitions in total (5 per side)

Judo Push Up
Pike Push Up

10 repetitions

All exercises are done with no rest between. The purpose of this challenge is to target the chest, shoulders and triceps, and the upper body in general.

Just doing all of this once will be a great way to shock the body but feel free to repeat this for as many times as you want. In this case take a couple of minutes of rest between the rounds.

Floating Scorpion

floating scorpion

Floating scorpion is one of the cool movements of Movement 20XX and it has two versions:

1. High easier version where you move on straight arms.

2. Low more difficult version where your upper body needs to work exceptionally hard.

This movement is phenomenal for targeting the core because you will be twisting a lot from side to side.

The high version will force your scapula muscles to work through a large range of motion and the low version places even greater demands on the shoulder girdle support because of the bent arm position. 

The low version will hit the chest, triceps and shoulders very intensively with continuous tension.

Here you can find a full tutorial for this movement. Movement 20XX has over 50 similar interesting movements to work on.

Full benefits of Floating Scorpion:

  • Coordination: it's difficult to rotate the core and move the legs properly at first but you will get better at it. Also shifting the weight isn't easy.
  • Upper body shoulder stability (beginner): the beginner variation is done with straight arms and you need to hold yourself up the entire time.
  • Core strength: holding yourself in the plank position gets tough pretty quick. The beginner floating scorpion will develop the obliques exceptionally well because you technically in a side plank position the whole duration of the exercise.
  • Upper body strength (advanced): in the advanced variation you are basically doing low single-arm archer push up - this is tough!
  • Rotational spine strength and mobility: your core is continuously rotating.

Archer Push Up

archer push up

Archer push up is as old school calisthenics as it gets and it's a unilateral push up which purpose is to target one arm at the time.

By placing more weight on one side at the time, you are forcing the muscles to work much harder.

In this challenge, if you find the archer push up too difficult (especially after the floating scorpion), do regular push ups instead.

Benefits of Archer Push Up include:

  • Upper body strength: chest, shoulders and triceps will be worked very hard.
  • Core strength: All push ups should also be very effective core exercises because you are holding the plank while the body is moving. Learning how to stabilize the core properly will change the push up.

Judo Push Up

judo push up movement 20xx

Judo push up or Hindu push up is an exceptional pressing exercise because you will be bending the spine while doing an interesting multidimensional push up. 

Basically, the movement consists of the downward dog and upward dog (or cobra stance) stances while you transition between them with a diving motion.

When it comes to developing the body, judo push up will emphasize the shoulders more than the regular push ups. If this exercise is too difficult, please do pike push ups instead.

We utilize this exercise a lot in Movement 20XX. Judo push up will teach you how to use your shoulder muscles in both overhead position and with your arms next to your sides while you need to coordinate the movements of the spine.

It's Summer in the Northern hemisphere, we hope you give this challenge a try. It has been a while since we have done videos like this. If you decide to do it, remember to use the tag #ScorpionChallenge20XX on social media so we can check you out!

The current Corona situation has undoubtedly impacted our plans but we have something amazing coming out later this year. As always, stay tuned and keep training hard.

Until next time,

VAHVA Fitness

2020 bodyweight challenge

DISCLAIMER: As with all training, you should get your doctor’s approval before beginning. The author advises everyone to take full responsibility for their safety and know their limits. By participating in this challenge, you agree to do so at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself.

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