Roundhouse Kick Tutorial | Kicking Mobility Workout

January 28, 2017 by VAHVA Fitness

Tutorial for the roundhouse kick and also a kicking workout routine for mobility and power.

To have good and powerful kicks, technique is important but so is the strength and mobility of your hips and legs. This is because you are not going to be able to kick properly unless you have sufficient levels of strength and flexibility.

Your kicking power doesn't come solely from the legs, but more so from the hips and the rotation of your core. The legs just follow the force generated by your hips and core.

Your internal and external obliques play a massive role in being able to kick properly. You won't even be able to raise the leg high enough unless your external obliques are in a good shape. This is because your obliques will allow you to bend from the waist and pull your hips upwards.

And of course you need rotational strength in the obliques to produce actual power. We have covered all aspects of obliques (obliques have more than 3 functions) in our Abs 20XX program.

For the hip mobility, we covered many great mobility drills for the hips and legs in the previous kicking video and article: How to Develop Kicking Power and Mobility

This video is the tutorial for the roundhouse kick and a kicking mobility workout routine. 

Kicking Mobility Workout Routine

Mobility Workout Routine for Kicks

Round 1

Roundhouse kick: 4-6 kicks per leg

Hip abduction: 5 repetitions

Hip extension-external rotation: 5 repetitions

Round 2

Roundhouse kick: 4-6 kicks per leg

Leg raise: 5 repetitions

Internal rotation raise: 5 repetitions

Round 3

Roundhouse kick: 4-6 kicks per leg

Roundhouse kick leg raise: 5 repetitions

Prone abduction hold: 5-10 seconds

No rest between rounds or exercises. You can double the rounds if you feel like you can do more.

All of these mobility drills are specifically demonstrated in the video below:

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