8 Intense Rotational Core Exercises

January 7, 2017 by VAHVA Fitness

Intense rotational core exercises to really test the limits of your abs and obliques!

All of these exercises require an immense amount of strength from your core. The rotational nature of the drills forces both your abs and obliques to work to their maximum. 

Most of these exercises are for advanced only. To build up to this level of core strength and mobility, check out our Abs 20XX guide.

Abs 20XX guide covers everything you need to know about training your internal/external obliques and rectus abdominis & transverse abdominis to their full potential.

If you want pure athleticism and real power, your core needs to be in an excellent shape. After your hips, most of your power comes from the core - mainly from the obliques.

Whether you are a movement artist, martial artist, fighter, athlete or a recreational lifter, working your core will awaken a sleeping giant that is both athletic and powerful. 

You can also use kettlebells to build rotational power. Both bodyweight and weights can work well to build strength in any part of the body.

Strength is just one aspect of the core - you also need mobility. Working on rotational spinal mobility will ensure your core can rotate in a full range of motion and stay free from nagging injuries.

Once the strength and mobility is developed, you will notice throwing a punch or hitting with a bat comes much easier and with a lot more power.

Your core will also look lean and firm. Proper core training combined with the right diet is the key to eliminating fat in the core and to cure the "skinny-fat" body type.

Train hard, stay safe.


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