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VAHVA Fitness

Ritualistic Movement

By VAHVA Fitness on August 21st. 2019

Bringing ritualistic spirit to the movement. Primal sophistication with an empty mind and a free spirit. 

Nowadays, training like many other areas has become strictly scientific. Everything is mechanical and need to be quantified for people to believe if something even works.

The only problem with this is that not everything in life is quantifiable, yet they still exist. Not everything can be input into a math equation.

In fact, the better and stronger you get, the less valuable this mechanical quantifiable knowledge becomes. Initially, it offers structure and the basic guidelines but eventually the boundaries need to be destroyed to make progress.

Not everything can be grasped intellectually. Sometimes losing control, surrendering and feeling the moment is how you see the truth.

Obviously, the mainstream fitness industry is the most detached from this unquantifiable primal essence: people burn fat with fat burners, build muscles with supplements and steroids and strictly follow certain rep ranges to make progress.

In the movement culture, the mechanical mind is also a dominating force. Simple things are described in the most complex vocabulary to confuse the readers to think that somehow the linguistic understanding is the pathway to the real understanding.

Training is not magical in terms that some secrets forces will magically make you strong and capable with a special gimmick.

In reality, simple things done with the most advanced and most meticulous way is a much bigger secret than any special trick. The secret is hidden in the plain sight but nearly impossible to grasp without experience and proper guidance.

Part of this non-magical training there are lots of things that are not quantifiable - we call these the "intangibles". 

Things that make a MASSIVE difference but you cannot just put a number for these. The intangibles include:

Mind-muscle connection.

All of these can be improved but they are fundamentally qualitative. A beginner naturally will suck at all of these but with practice will get clearly better at them.

The masters on the other hand have a very high level of the intangibles and have developed their sense of feeling, control and understanding for decades. 

But this is not all. Then there are things such as your energy and spirit...

Open Up the Body & Mind

movement training

The interesting thing about 1-on-1 sports such as wrestling, fencing or martial arts is that at the top it's no longer about who is the most technical or the most athletic.

These things matter a ton but eventually everyone will be technically sound and in excellent shape.

Likewise, in art and dance technique matters but no audience will be captivated with the technique alone, at least not for long.

Beneath technique and athletic ability, there is something deeper and more profound that is available for all of us.

In fighting sports, your spirit will often determine your victory. The moment you lose your spirit and break mentally, you lose energy and confidence to fight.

Your hits no longer have the same power, you move slower and become reactive to your opponent. When the going gets tough, you fold. 

In art, no feelings or emotions are conveyed without a strong spirit. Without feeling or emotion, you could watch a robot to perform the show. It's cold and mechanical but at least the technique is perfect... right.

We can all develop the body and learn techniques but we all can also invoke the inner spirit and will.

In the beginning, we were closed off, timid and uncertain as well with less confidence, less spirit and a will that was easy to break. 

The process is simple: you explore and train hard. You break boundaries when you hit them. Sometimes you fail but you get up and try to go a further distance next time.

When your mind wants to quit you keep going for as long as you can. You fully express yourself even when it feels awkward at first. You tune down the outer noise.

If you are looking for a more explorative artistic spirit, Movement 20XX embodies this. Especially all beginners need to first explore to get a bird's eye view of what's possible and to understand all the movement possibilities.

If you are looking for a fighting spirit and indomitable will, Warrior 20XX is the program for that. 

For injury prevention and fixing nagging injuries, our free mobility class is perfect. And of course Athlete 20XX - the ultimate sophistication to fitness.

VAHVA Fitness

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