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VAHVA Fitness

Quarantine - "Restriction of Movement"

By VAHVA Fitness on May 24, 2020

Use your pain. There is a way. Explore it. Discover it. Be it.

Restriction is in our head.

Boredom is the lack of vision of the possibilities right in front of you.

Take a look at the rules you have of training and moving yourself. The ideas that have you sit stagnant and dull with nothing to do.

The secret is to not see movement as self-evident.

No matter what movement, monkey movement, running, breathing, squatting, reaching up, standing - there are a million different movements and endless amounts of depth ingrained into the simplest patterns.

Self-evidence creates negligence. We start to treat ourselves like we had everything figured. But the only thing we've learned is to reject the impulses our body gives.

Growing older may make us wiser because it shows so vividly what we have taken for granted.

At your weakest state you become more sensitive. You give value to the smaller details and movements that suddenly seem so fleeting and uncertain. Don't cover your weakness, let it guide you.

You cannot do this or that? You don't have this or that? You still cannot see.

Even pain, our most dreaded enemy, is not a hindrance, it's only a call to find a better way to move, a better way to be.

There is always a way. It may take you deep but that's where you want to go because there's a whole art to mastering your body. Listen to the call.

You don't need to wait for years to go by. Right now, feel your body fluctuate from minute to minute.

Move your arm like it's the first time you're moving it, clench your fist. Breath in deep, hold your breath. Tense your thigh, let it go, roll your eyes, open them. A simple stretch will fire up the cells in the whole length of your body, stay in it.

In how many different combinations your shoulder and arm can move? You don't know where to start. Explore it, it's your arm. Does it feel tight, train it. What difference can two minutes of movement make? Try it.

Nothing's evident.

Everything's already within you and a teacher is only the key to the door.

Realize the depth and diversity of your body... and take your first step.

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