Intense Abs Workout | Quick Fat Burner

January 24, 2017 by VAHVA Fitness

Quick abs workout to burn fat and build abs. You can do this abs routine to finish your workout or do it alone.

This abs workout is one of the many accessory core routines of Abs 20XX: core & diet guide. There are two types of core routines in Abs 20XX: main core routines and accessory core routines.

Main core routines are long and grueling workouts that are nothing but abs & obliques exercises. You will hit all parts of the abs and obliques. This is by far the best way to get results - if you want a powerful and defined core, you need treat it as a major muscle group that deserves a full workout.

Accessory core workouts on the other hand are quicker abs routines that are designed to be done after your main workout or as a quick abs workout to burn calories while strengthening the abdominals.

This workout here is an accessory core routine that is an excellent way to finish your workout or to do in a hurry. It really takes only 5 to 10 minutes to complete and you can do the workout anywhere so there are no excuses left not to train your abs.

This workout can be done 1-3+ times per week. It's tough because the workout is a 3 round tri-set (you do all 3 exercises without rest between) and you rest only 1 minute between rounds. The last set can go to failure.

Quick Fat Burner Routine 

Abs Workout

3 x Russian twist: 10 repetitions // tri-set

3 x Knee up: 10-20 repetitions // triset

3 x Sit up 20-30 repetitions // tri-set, last set until failure

No rest between exercises (tri-set) and only rest 1 minute between rounds ( sets).

Russian Twist

russian twist abs obliques

Lean back a little bit and twist the weight from side to side. One repetition is when you have twisted to both sides. You can use a dumbbell, a kettlebell or a plate as the weight.

Russian twist will work the abs, but also the obliques because you are rotating the weight with your core. The key is to use your core and less of your arms for moving the weight.

Knee Up

knee up abs exercise

Lean back a bit and use your arms for support. Then do knee raises from the seated position. 

Knee up will work the lower abs and it's one of the first progressions for the lower abs in Abs 20XX.

Sit Up

sit up six pack abs

Basic sit up is a serious abs exercise. You can anchor your feet to make the exercise easier.

The only problem with anchoring your feet is that it's much easier to use your hip flexors instead of abs. The less you can use your legs for assistance, the more you need to use your abdominals to get up. 


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  • A great way to finish a workout. And it’s good for those who don’t have time to workout but still want to maintain a fit core as well. It looks like a tough workout but it’s great you shared such detailed tutorial. Thanks for sharing this, Samuli!

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