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Qigong Breathing Techniques to Energize the Whole Body System

By VAHVA Fitness on July 9, 2020

Jiang Yu Shan explaining various qigong breathing techniques such as the full body breathing, the body strengthening breathing and sun logos breathing.

Learning the proper way to breathe and how to develop that ability further has been one of the most important lessons we have learned in our training journey.

Until we met Jiang Yu Shan, we had learned lots of breathing techniques from various disciplines and teachers: from Yoga, Pilates, Wim Hof (Tibetan breathing) and Systema to name a few. However, we never really "got it"

Proper breathing is not just something you practice, it's something once mastered brings your whole body to life. Now, when we see people doing anything whether it's just the state of being, exercising or moving, we see lots of stiffness because the body is not truly free.

The person may be flexible and strong but lacks the vibrancy and radiance that comes from the proper breathing. 

In fact, bodybuilders and typical calisthenics practitioners tend to be the worst, it almost feels like they have locked themselves inside their frame and can't freely express the body.

Do you want a clear example? Look at our recent video Quarantine - "Restriction of Movement" and see how the entire body and state of being flows and pulses with the intervals of breathing. 

Then look at almost anyone else, they are moving but it's like they are not alive at all.

And it's not their fault – they merely lack the knowledge and understanding of the real thing. 

We have learned a lot of things from the master Jiang Yu Shan but the breath of mental power has to be one of the most important pillars. There may be real yogis who can teach the real thing as well but we haven't found or seen one yet.

Even Wim Hof, a person who has done a lot of good and accomplished great things, doesn't have the same level of knowledge in its proper essence. 

For example, we would never do Wim Hof breathing (Tibetan Tummo breathing) as much as he recommends because it has negative side effects (when done excessively). 

Moreover, when you have mastered the breath of mental power, it makes ZERO sense to stress the body continuously like that.

We only teach and share what we have found to be essential for physical development, a journey that has been on for quite some time.

This is why we created the Health & Fighting Qigong course together with Jiang Yu Shan. What he teaches is really something special and unique in the world of health, fitness and martial arts.

Inside the course there are many hours of lessons on just health and breathing techniques alone. 

Here are the breathing techniques we cover inside the course:

The Breath of Mental Power.

- 6 lessons and numerous techniques to master the breath of mental power, an ancient Qigong breathing system.

Purifying Breathing

- Breathing technique to cleanse the lungs and body.

Sun Logos Breathing

- Breathing technique to strengthen the whole body system together with Sun.

Warming Breathing

- Warming breathing technique you can do in cold temperatures to warm the body up. It works phenomenally well (tested).

Body Strengthening Breathing

- Very special, powerful and difficult breathing technique to strengthen the spine and energize the body.

The breath of mental power is the most important technique to master because it lays the foundation for everything else whether it is life or training. It can supercharge the results and rejuvenate the body.

The other techniques are useful and can be used depending on the need and circumstances. This is already more than most people will ever need and something that will help and improve the practitioner for a lifetime.

The Growing Warrior Neigong Community

warrior neigong community

We recently uploaded a nearly 2 hour video call (1h 53 min) Yoga vs. Qigong talk to the Facebook community. Here is a recent small clip of the call.

In addition to this, the community is vibrant and growing. This is a very special opportunity to get feedback and consultation from the master on the topics we touch on inside the course. 

Jiang Yu Shan has hosted several live calls in the group and many have had 1-on-1 video calls with the master.

The members of the group vary from total beginners (no prior martial arts or qigong background) to VERY high level masters in the world of kung fu and martial arts.

Most people are just regular people looking to boost their testosterone, fix their bodies or improve the quality of their lives in general.

Many members have posted their Qigong forms and it has been cool to see the Lohan Gong form in practice because it such a beautiful and intense display of movement.

How unique is Jiang Yu Shan's Qigong?

One of the members of the group is a high level master with 35 years of teaching experience who has written books in Qigong/Kung Fu and has "Careful records of history of each form... it is around 200 pages now, going back 10 generations."

And Lohan Gong taught by Jiang Yu Shan was still something new and special to him.

To us Jiang Yu Shan's Qigong was totally different from the rest but since we aren't proper Qigong masters with 20 years of experience it was hard for us to say for sure. Now we can say for sure that Jiang Yu Shan's Qigong is beyond legit.

This group is only a bonus to the Health & Fighting Qigong course but in our opinion an incredible valuable asset on its own.

If you are interested in the course, you can find it at WarriorNeigong.com

VAHVA Fitness

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