1 Arm Push-Up Lizard Crawl (VIDEO)

January 25, 2016 by VAHVA Fitness

Here is a new variation of the lizard crawl where you are combining one arm push-up with the lizard crawl.

The benefits of this exercise are obvious: you are doing very heavy one arm push-ups with every step which means the movement will train your chest, triceps and anterior deltoids. 

This is an advanced variation of the lizard walk so make sure you have mastered the basics:

You obviously also should master the one arm push-up before trying this one, because it's no use if you lack the strength to press yourself up with one arm. 

The workout is finished with a really badass push-up burnout set which will further blast the chest, triceps and anterior deltoids and cause a tremendous anabolic response in the muscles.

The set starts with one arm tiger bend push-ups, continues with archer push-ups and finishes with typewriter push-ups!

Burnout sets are extraordinarily good for finishing the workout. Otherwise, the burnout set will ruin the rest of the workout due to the overly fatigued muscles.

one arm push up lizard crawl

The workout is finished with a push-up burnout set. Using different hand placement to hit the muscles on a different angle.

This is just one way of countless of different ways how you can spice up the lizard crawl - it's a very versatile movement pattern with countless of different possibilities.

We've lots of innovative and new lizard crawl variations coming up in the near future. You have only seen a very small portion of what is actually possible!

Lizard crawl is an amazing movement which will build strength, size, mobility and coordination phenomenally well. The best part about is that it's extremely fun to do and easy to implement into flow work.

Train hard, stay safe.

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