Nothing Builds Forearms like Club & Mace Training (Here’s Why)

May 21, 2024 by VAHVA Fitness

Eero explains the numerous incredible benefits of mace & club training. This is how well your forearms and wrists will get developed!

Almost 2 years ago we got heavily into mace & club training and in just 6 months of training our forearms, wrists and arms went through a dramatic transformation.

And bear in mind that we had utilized gymnastic rings (false-grip), grippers and many ancient Shaolin techniques to develop the grip and forearms prior to this... yet nothing could have come even close to the impact of mace & club training.

One year later of discovering this form of training we released Iron King Method which we continue to update as we progress and develop new methods with these ancient tools.

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In this article we will go through how the mace & club develop the wrists and forearms and what are the applications of this strength in the real world.

Club & mace are The BEST forearm and wrist strengthening tools

Club & Mace are the BEST forearm and wrist strengthening tools

How these ancient training tools will develop your hands, forearms and arms is incredibly versatile and multi-dimensional. You will basically build a new set of hands. 

Here's how the forearms will get developed.

Supination & pronation of the forearm: the muscles have to constantly work to stabilize the rotational movement of the forearms because clubs and maces will fall sideways even from the slightest disturbance.

The muscles that you will develop are: pronator teres and supinator muscle.

Radial deviation & ulnar deviation: your wrist has to stabilize in every direction, including tilting forward and backward. 

This form of stabilization is particularly important when you are swinging or moving the mace or club overhead because the stabilization of the wrist prevents the tool from hitting your back. 

Muscles involved in the radial deviation are flexor carpi radialis and in ulnar deviation flexor carpi ulnaris and extensor carpi radialis. 

Wrist flexion & wrist extension: this is one of the things that often get developed with barbell curls but they are also present with mace and club training when you are rotating and swinging the tool around.

The biggest difference compared to dumbbells or barbells (or even just hanging on a bar or rings) is that mace & club training naturally develops the wrists and forearms in incredibly versatile and multi-dimensional ways almost by default.

In a way, you will get massive benefits in many areas without needing to do 10 different exercises to target each part. Moreover, you will train both the mobility and stability of these areas which makes it even more effective for functional and athletic purposes!

Another big thing to understand is that the forces directed to your grip are much more varied and include horizontal, vertical and twisting forces.

This mimics the real world demands much better: you would grip someone's ankle or wrist in grappling in a similar way as you would grip almost any sword, stick or racket this way as well.

Surely, lifting heavy barbells is good for your grip but you tend to train your muscles ability to carry and hold on to weight horizontally than actual crushing grip strength where the forces are more varied.

Vertical meaning that as you grip the handle your hand is positioned vertically with your thumb upward. Horizontal as in your hand is pointed downward and a weight is hanging from it. Twisting because the mace may fall to either side.

Maces & clubs also tend to be rather thick and thicker than standard barbells which places even more demands for you hands and forearms.

All these multi-dimensional benefits of mace and club training combined with the uniqueness of the handle makes it the best forearm training tool that we've come across. 

In just 6 months we made staggering gains and you should be able to get similar benefits if you dedicated yourself to this type of training as well.

Greatly Enhanced Sports, Wrestling & Martial Arts Ability

Utilizing clubs and maces will have enormous transference to many sports and physical activities.

We are surprised they are not more utilized in the West although in Iran & India they are quite popular.

In many ways, the club and maces are way more sports specific strength training than doing the conventional lifts in the gym.

Especially when it comes to handling external objects or humans, the added grip, forearm and arm strength will be immensely helpful.

Mace and club training will particularly help with:

  • Sports with rackets, sticks, balls – Enhanced feel and control over the object thanks to the better developed forearm/hand musculature and coordination. 
  • Wrestling & grappling – Significantly better grip and wrist strength to control your opponent and to hold different body locks and positions. 
  • Martial arts – Your punches will be more dangerous and hands less prone to injuries. Your fists will feel firmer and wrists a lot more steady. 
  • Gym & general functionality – handling weights or hanging on a bar will feel easier than ever, maybe even effortless.

In addition to the maces and clubs, we recommend utilizing thick bars and particularly the round sandbag. The round sandbag is one of most functional training tools available on par with the clubs and maces.

You want your hands to be as strong as possible because your functionality is limited and unleashed by your grip. This is why the first principle of Iron King Method is "Grip First" - principle. 

Stay strong.

samuli jyrkinen

About the author 

Samuli Jyrkinen

Samuli is the ninja behind the scenes (photography, videography, websites, program platforms and more). He has been training religiously for over a decade and has a firm grasp of physical and mental fitness. You will find our story here.

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