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VAHVA Fitness

Multifaceted Kettlebell Training

By VAHVA Fitness on August 29, 2019

Multifaceted and versatile kettlebell training for the full body. Special exercises for functional fitness and core strength & stability.

If you want to get everything out of kettlebells, the exercises and workouts should be rather dynamic, multidimensional and versatile.

Simple exercises are perfect and needed but you can easily use your bodyweight, dumbbells or barbells for that purpose.

Kettlebells have a special advantage over many tools and it is that the kettlebell is easy and comfortable to swing around which opens lots of new possibilities for training the body.

One of the main things you are developing with the kettlebell is core stability - the ability to hold a stable core and maintain your posture despite external disturbance.

This quality of core stability is one of the qualities that makes an athlete agile, fast and capable of performing multiple physical tasks at once: for example kicking a ball while running or punching while moving.

The greater the stability and support you have, the greater power you can produce. Just imagine producing power on ice or from a bad posture – it's very difficult and impossible to reach the same level of power as you normally would.

When you move the kettlebell, you should maintain a good posture and tight core all the time. That's why using too much weight is a problem: you ruin the most important aspect of kettlebell training.

This is also why a lot of people don't understand kettlebell training – they don't see that dynamic swings create rather unique and effective disturbance where the body has to fight extra hard to hold everything together.

However, the other benefits are great as well such as developing coordination, power and well-rounded strength and mobility as you do with many kettlebell exercises.

Is kettlebell training safe? Yes, it is if you do it correctly and with moderation. We don't recommend kettlebell training to be done daily and you should use rather light weights to have maximal control over the kettlebell.

Whether it's dumbbells, bodyweight or kettlebells, most wear and tear happens because of lack of control. Heavy resistance is the 1. reason for lack of control - not speed or pace, actually.

If you are interested in developing the utmost levels of core stability, Phase 2 of Athlete 20XX does that better than any other program.

Bell Bender

the bell bender kettlebell

Bell bender is one of the exercises of Warrior 20XX which is our unique kettlebell program we just recently released to the masses. In addition to kettlebell training, it does have an equal amount of bodyweight and dumbbell workouts as well.

Bell bender is an exercise that develops core stability but also offers very unique benefits. From our 4 Special Kettlebell Exercises article:

Bell bender is an intense movement for your core, hips and shoulder. You will learn how to rotate your core and hips in a manner which will come helpful in many athletic movements.

Most importantly, you will learn the fluid kinetic chain where your hips and core generate the force to manipulate the bell - your arms are not doing that much work.

Lunge Clean

lunge clean with a kettlebell

Lunge clean is exactly as it sounds like: you are combining a lunge with a clean (a movement where you pull the kettlebell to your chest from a hanging arm).

This is a great combo to develop the legs (quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes) and the upper back (especially the trapezius muscles).

Overhead Squat Dip

overhead kb squat dip kettlebell

Overhead squat dip is a special variation of the overhead squat. This time, you are just dipping underneath the kettlebell as you would in an actual snatch.

Great for developing shoulder stability and mobility but also for strengthening the legs, improving hip mobility and developing core stability.

Alternating Single Leg Row

single leg kettlebell row

Single leg balancing combined with an alternating single arm row. Since you are working in the bent over stance a lot, your core (abs, obliques and lower back) will get trained.

You are also developing the stability of your legs and hips while training the lats and biceps with the row. Switching the sides also makes the movement great for coordination.

Kettlebell Pendulum

kettlebell pendulum

The kettlebell pendulum is a bent over sideways swing and the purpose is to train the core.

This is an extremely intense exercise for the core because you swing the bell with a lot of power in the bent over angle.

However, since you are staying in the bent over position for a long time, you can expect your lower back and glutes to work as well due to the stabilization.

A great exercise for core strength, core stability and core mobility if you do it right with controlled swings.

One-Sided Overhead Swing

One-sided overhead swing is a bit similar to the diagonal snatch and side swings (featured in this video) in the regard that you are swinging diagonally from one side at the time.

You will be shifting more of your weight to just one leg at the time and rotating your hips and core at the bottom. When you swing up, the core and hips need to explosively rotate back to the initial position.

Swinging to overhead will develop shoulder mobility and stability.

Coming: New Podcasts and Returning to Taiwan

let's train hard and for real

We will be making some changes to the content we are going to produce and release soon.

We just purchased podcast equipment and we are planning to do weekly podcasts related to training, nutrition and life in general.

Although we share a lot, we have had the time and opportunity to only share portions of our knowledge and expertise.

The podcast will be a good addition to our content and help a lot of people. We are also building our private Facebook Group (only for the users of our programs) and have published several exclusive videos there.

We are also planning to produce more in-depth videos and articles here and on YouTube. Ultimately, we will soon see how everything turns out.

What's more, we have booked flights to Asia and will visit Taiwan, Thailand and China in October – we will be filming lots of new Qigong and Kung Fu related content for you to digest.

The trip won't be cheap but the amount of knowledge and video content should definitely make it valuable for everyone.

This year has been very busy since we recently built a new course/program platform for all 20XX programs and developed the new program Warrior 20XX.

While a lot of fitness influencers spend less than a week to create their programs, our programs take months to build due to our high standards and the magnitude of the programs.

This year, we also released A Day of Mobility class with Suvi which has been an enormous success with over 360 5-star reviews. That makes it one of the most popular and highly praised mobility classes online.

A lot of work has been done this year but there's more to be done. Luckily, 2019 is far from over.

VAHVA Fitness

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