Movement Workout for Agility and Coordination

March 5, 2017 by VAHVA Fitness

Movement workout routine for agility and coordination with 4 movement skills of Movement 20XX online course.

To become more agile and more coordinated, you need to learn how to control the body as a whole. You do this by moving the body as a whole (movement training, sports or big compound movements like weightlifting).

Specific mobility work is also important because it will maximize your long-term success. Mobility drills will make sure all individual muscles work to their full potential and there are no weak links in the structure.

You need both full body movements and targeted isolation drills to reach the highest level of fitness.

When it comes to coordination and agility, the strength of your muscles alone will not help. There are many bodybuilders who are in a phenomenal shape, strong and structurally well balanced, but they are not very athletic or good at moving their bodies. 

Coordination and agility are all about the mind. You need to make the central nervous system learn and adapt to new movements to become more coordinated. When your CNS becomes efficient, you will be able to control your body well (coordination) and do it fast (agility).

In this movement workout routine there are several more "complex" movements that may require more time and practice to learn. They are not hard strength wise, but they are difficult in terms of skill and coordination.

Previous Movement Workouts:

Full step-by-step HD video tutorials for these movements and 40+ more are part of Movement 20XX online course. M-20XX has a wide range of different movements ranging from animal movements and breakdance to gymnastics and yoga.

Movement Workout Routine for Agility and Coordination

Round 1 

2 x Six step: 5 repetitions

2 x Bear-crab turn: 6 repetitions

Round 2

3 x Foot step: 8 repetitions

3 x Single leg windmill: 8 repetitions

Round 3

2 x Six step: 5 repetitions

2 x Bear-crab roll: 10 repetitions

Rest 30-60 seconds between rounds. No rest between movements during rounds.

Six Step

6 step break dance bboy

6 step originates from breakdance and it's one of the fundamentals of breakdance. You see many bboys using this movement and bboys are some of the most coordinated athletes out there.

The movement is rather complex to describe in simple terms, but you can find a complete step-by-step tutorial in Movement 20XX. 

Once the movement is learned and mastered, it can easily be mixed with many other movements to a real flow.

Bear-crab turn & roll

bear crab roll turn

Bear crab roll is when you transition between the bear stance and crab stance without changing your direction. In bear-crab turn you change the direction with every repetition.

Bear-crab is the simplest movement of this workout routine and everyone should be able to learn it. It's surprisingly effective on its own and it will develop coordination while also working the core and shoulders.

Foot step

foot step movement

Foot step is a movement that is common in breakdance and general fitness. Even kettlebell trainees do it these days.

Foot step is a great movement for agility because practicing it will improve the control of your upper body while improving the speed of your hips. Learning how to move your hips fast is extremely beneficial in BJJ and wrestling.

Foot step will work your abs and obliques, but also develop the upper and lower body. It's a great dynamic movement that can easily be used in different flow routines.

Single Leg Windmill

movement workout for agility

Similar movements to the single leg windmill can be seen in capoeira, breakdance and gymnastics.

Single leg windmill will improve the coordination of your hips and legs. Although the movement is not overly complex, it will take time to learn how to do it smoothly.

Single leg windmill also requires some strength from your shoulders and mobility from your hips and legs. For this reason, the single leg windmill should improve the mobility and flexibility of your lower body very well.


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