Movement Flow Routine for Fat Loss

April 28, 2016 by VAHVA Fitness

Simple movement flow routine for conditioning and burning fat. 5 more movement flow routines also added to the Movement 20XX!

The movement flow demonstrated in the video is extremely simple, but highly effective movement sequence to burn fat and tone up the body. 

You can expect to feel your legs, abs and arms burn like never before. Do the flow with minimal amount of rest and as fast as you can. This way the flow turns into real cardio and an incredible fat burner.

Do it for multiple rounds and you should feel the effectiveness of the flow!

Combine the flow with a proper diet for fat loss and you should definitely see great results.

The flow consists of two separate movements:

  • Movement burpee
  • Bear-crab roll

Although it might look complicated at first, it's actually very simple after you get the hang of it. 

The lateral push up is a very nice push up variation where you are basically doing a side push up. One of your legs is straight and pointing forward. You don't have to go all the way down when you do the push up.

The bear-crab roll is just a transitioning between the crab walk and bear walk.

All of these among countless of other flow elements are well instructed and demonstrated in the Movement 20XX course. 

In addition to this movement flow, we also added 5 new movement flow routines to the Movement 20XX. There is also a 30-day fat loss program to help you get the most out of this flow!

We have received tons of great feedback and although Movement 20XX is already a complete package, we will to continue to make it even better. 

We highly appreciate the feedback and will continue to improve on all fronts. You can expect to see amazing stuff in and out of M-20XX.

Train hard, stay safe.

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