Monkey Movement for Speed and Agility

January 8, 2018 by VAHVA Fitness

Monkey movement is a fantastic movement that can be utilized and scaled for many purposes. Here we have used it for speed and agility.

Monkey movement is one of the basics of Movement 20XX online course and movement training in general and for a good reason.

The monkey walk movement is easy enough for almost everyone to learn, but what makes it great is that it can be scaled and adjusted for many different purposes and difficulty levels.

This is true for many other movements as well: there really exists no "easy" movements - it all depends on how well you utilize the movement in your training or movement flow.

In the last article we talked about the massive misconception between demonstrating vs building strength. The same applies to movement training and flow. 

What will matter the most is how well you can do the movement, not how hard the movement fundamentally is to do.

Dancers know this: they can spend months perfecting a single movement although they managed do a sloppy version the first time they tried the movement.

The benefits of the monkey walk movement are:

  • Excellent for shoulder strength, mobility and stability
  • Great for core and hips mobility
  • Can be easily adjusted for conditioning, fat loss, speed, agility and pure strength
  • Fantastic transition element between other flow movements

You can also learn more about the monkey movement and what you can do with it in the Monkey vs. Lizard video and article (one of our best videos to date).

monkey walk movement

In this video we have adjusted the monkey walk movement for speed and agility. You will also be heavily working on conditioning if you just minimize the rest.

As with all exercises and movements, you should first master the slow and controlled monkey walk first. 

Speed and explosive movements only work when you have first mastered the fundamentals and built good levels of structural balance and strength with slow tempo training.

Train hard, stay safe.

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