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Comprehensive mobility sequence for the entire back musculature. Can be done with or without weights!

There is probably no other exercise that is more "complete" than this one, because this sequence pretty much hits all the back muscles.

This drill will hit the lats, all fibers of the trapezius muscles, posterior deltoids, long head of triceps, rhomboids and many other muscles of the back.

You do the exercise prone, pull your shoulders behind and then move your arms freely around your body. Your arms can bend and you can do dynamic motions or isometric holds.

The opportunities are nearly endless.

The completeness of the exercise really depends on how creative you are with it: you really need to try all the different range of motions and angles to work all the muscles.

back drill for mobility
the best back exercise

The versatility of the drill makes it unique. By testing different range of motions and angles you can find weak points in your structure: find a spot that is tight or weak and focus more on that region.

Focusing on those weak points can unleash newly found strength and mobility.

The exercise is harder than it looks which is why you can start without using any weight. If it feels easy, you can use light plates or dumbbells.

The lightest weights will suffice at first. You want to maximize the freedom of movement, not the weight.

This is a perfect exercise to finish any upper body workout. Explore.

Take care, stay safe!


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