How standing still develops martial power Fa Jin

March 10, 2021 by VAHVA Fitness

Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan explains the forms of martial power and how you can develop martial power Fa Jin by standing still.

Last year, we built and launched several courses with the grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan.

This week, we released “The Grand Circle”.

All of our courses with Jiang Yu Shan are amazing but we must say that this new course is what we and the master have been the most excited about.

This is “The Gold Edition” of Qigong that takes the Qigong practice to a whole another level and has an unprecedented level of depth.

We are talking about some of the highest level concepts of Qigong that books may talk about but very few know how to teach.

However, no one is going to learn any higher levels concepts from a book because the methods are far bigger and more detailed than what you can describe in words.

This course is ultimately the pinnacle of Daoist knowledge and Qigong practices for health, strength and spirituality. We believe many of these methods are the highest form what Oriental spirituality has to offer.

Ancient Yoga (not the modern!) and ancient Qigong (not the modern either) from the outside look totally different but many times they practice and describe the same concepts. They just practice and explain the same things in a different way.

The Daoists are very practical and to the point while in Yoga everything has been hidden in flowery descriptions and metaphors. However, the end result is the same no matter how you get there. 

By mastering the Health & Fighting Qigong and this new course “The Grand Circle”, you will already become highly proficient in these areas.

These courses are not small. The Grand Circle is almost 10 hours long with zero nonsense. This is serious education for people who are interested in healing, body strengthening and spirituality.

Health & Fighting Qigong offers great tools and insights for everyone regardless of their level, background or age to take care of themselves and their loved ones. We consider this course great education for everyone.

This new course will give you the advanced methods and knowledge to become a master and transform your entire state of being (100-Day Qigong Cycle).

This is the course for the people who are serious about the topic and ready to drastically improve their lives with ancient knowledge.

Learn more about The Grand Circle here.

Meeting or Training with the Master, Discipleship...

digital mentorship jiang yu shan courses offer "digital mentorship" for people who are willing to learn. Normally, it would take years (or a decade) and would cost a lot more to learn all of this information in person.

Do you know what we did to train with Jiang Yu Shan back in 2018? 

We traveled all the way to Taiwan, lived in a hotel, paid him a generous sum of money and made videos of him for free so he could share his wisdom with the West. And back then he wasn't known in the West (or online) at all.

In return, we learned Kung Fu and acquired precious knowledge of Qigong that was very hard to find. Our skillsets got better and we started to further separate ourselves from everyone else in the health & fitness landscape.

These courses and everything else only happened years after the initial meeting because people kept asking for more and a way to learn from Jiang Yu Shan.

Now, since Jiang Yu Shan has become popular in the West, everyone wants to train with him.

These people say they are “willing to learn” and even "do housework for free” in order to learn from the master. Unfortunately this is not enough when everyone else wants to do the same.

Jiang Yu Shan has multiple jobs (he sells oil, works with us and does bodyguarding gigs), a family, a big group of friends, disciples around the world, runs an actual school in Taiwan, focuses on his own training and helps people inside the private Facebook group…

You see, the more popular people get, the more precious their time becomes. This is how it works with busy and successful people. It has been like this for us for many years as well. Time is limited and the queue keeps getting longer every week.

However, there are people who have shown their dedication and commitment in front of the master and who have preferential treatment when it comes to future events such as training camps or retreats with the master.

These are the people who are active in the Inner Door Prospects Facebook group – the students who already practice what the master has to teach and who have already started building a relationship with the master by sharing their progress.

These are the people who get the opportunity before everyone else and rightfully so.

The Inner Door Prospects of Jiang Yu Shan group is only available for the people who have purchased certain courses at The members have direct email and Facebook group access to Jiang Yu Shan.

This is already very valuable but you should be more than happy with what you will learn inside the courses as well.

Take care.


samuli jyrkinen

About the author 

Samuli Jyrkinen

Samuli is the ninja behind the scenes (photography, videography, websites, program platforms and more). He has been training religiously for over a decade and has a firm grasp of physical and mental fitness. You will find our story here.

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