Lower Body Flexibility Routine (BEGINNER)

November 10, 2016 by VAHVA Fitness

Lower body flexibility routine targeting the major muscle groups of the legs. From beginners to advanced.

Flexible muscles will allow you to perform better in any athletic endeavour, squat deeper, move better and they will also keep you less prone to injuries.

If you are looking for a simple upper body flexibility routine, you can find one quick routine from here.

If you really want to take your mobility to the next level, active flexibility exercises ´╗┐like this will build flexibility and strength at the same time.

You can find all the active flexibility drills for the lower body from the Movement 20XX course. We consider active flexibility to be the best way to build mobility, since flexibility alone isn't enough (you also need strength).

Nonetheless, normal stretching is still beneficial and working on flexibility will increase the range of motion of your muscles, which will then allow you to train the muscles more effectively thanks to the greater range of motion.

Depending on how much you want to work on flexibility, you can work on these stretching drills for 1 to 5 sets per stretch. 

The duration of the set can be reasonably short: 15 to 20 seconds per hold. Holding a stretch for 1-2 minutes is often unnecessary for most people.

You can do stretching after your workout or as a separate workout.

When you do stretching after your workout, it's more about maintaining the flexibility and allowing the muscles to recover from your workout.

When you work on stretches as a separate workout, you can dig deeper and spend more time on stretching which will then allow you to increase the flexibility of the muscles a lot more.

Beginner Stretches for the Lower Body

Lateral Thigh (GLUTES)

one leg glute stretch

Lying glute stretch. You are stretching the glute of the bent leg here.

prone glute stretch

Side lying glute stretch. Take a position like this and go as low as you feel comfortable with. Use your upper arm to pull the knee towards your body.

Front Thigh (Hip Flexors)

hip flexor stretch

Kneeling hip flexor stretch. Try to extend the hips and quads to feel more stretch.

lying hip flexor stretch

Lying quadriceps stretch. Keep your hips extended (avoid bending from the hips). 

Rear Thigh (Hamstrings)

cross leg hamstring stretch

Crossed leg forward bend. Focus on stretching the hamstring of the rear leg, but also the side thigh.

hamstring stretch

Narrow stance forward bend. Keep your legs straight and focus on feeling a nice stretch in your hamstrings and less in calves or the lower back.

wide hamstrings stretch

Wide stance forward bend. Keep the legs straight and feel a stretch in the hamstrings.

Inner Thigh (Adductors)

sitting adductor stretch

Butterfly stretch. Press your knees and legs down, feel a nice stretch in the inner thighs.

frog pose for adductors

Frog stretch. Use the weight of your body to press your hips open.

That's all for today, train hard stay safe.


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