Lineages and Concepts of Real Ancient Kung Fu

August 2, 2020 by VAHVA Fitness

Discover Jiang Yu Shan's lineages and why he has the knowledge he has. Learn several profound concepts and methods of real ancient kung fu.

The knowledge of ancient kung fu is vast and more immense than a lot of people think. Centuries ago they already had everything figured out.

The ancient practitioners already knew how to strengthen, prevent & fix injuries and take care of the body with their immense qigong practices. They covered literally everything from stretching and tendon strengthening to breathing, massage techniques and more.

Not only that, the modern MMA philosophy was also already there. Unlike today, the masters knew many different styles just like Jiang Yu Shan does.

Back in the day, they had the complete system: wrestling/grappling called Shuai Jiao and striking martial arts such as Monkey Kung Fu, Lohan Quan, Wing Chun and more. The complete systems also had the knowledge of body hardening, medicine and everything else.

And of course, they also did sparring which most modern practitioners in traditional martial arts neglect. According to Jiang Yu Shan, many monks didn't have any teeth due to their intense sparring.

However, from our perspective the most interesting areas of ancient kung fu are the body strengthening exercises, mental practices and health exercises called qigong/neigong.

In ancient times, they had a completely different way to see the body and as a result a different way to develop the body. Many of these practices the West hasn't even discovered yet – but they will.

We are talking about methods to develop rooting, the fire of the body, physical/mental protection, martial power and more.

This is some incredible stuff. Let's continue.

Knowledge Passed Down from Generation to Generation

monkey squat kung fu qigong

Many high levels masters learn from Jiang Yu Shan in Taiwan and across the world. In the middle a master of Wing Chun is learning the squatting monkey from Jiang Yu Shan.

Although there's one standardized and commercialized form of yoga in the West and even many forms of qigong are standardized as well, the real ancient yoga or qigong are not like this.

There is not just 1 system. Just like in Japan there resides many niche and secretive martial arts, the qigong and kung fu communities have also been largely secretive and in the hands of very tiny number of people.

You don't really understand this until you live in the culture. The Asian culture is about respect and protecting the knowledge.

The knowledge, skills and systems have passed down from generation to generation. Inside families and inside very simple and clear lineages. Literally from person to person.

Due to this, many forms of qigong and kung fu completely depend on the lineage. 

Many people have tried to copy (steal) these styles but have only acquired bits and pieces of the external forms without understanding the details or the internal processes.

Most Western qigong is superficial and simplified understandings of the real thing lacking the real essence. And why? Because the information has been widely distributed without responsibility.

In many schools they know the originator of the art (For example, the creator of Yang Tai Chi) but all the generations between the original master and the present teacher are missing.

Jiang Yu Shan is part of the pure lineages of qigong and kung fu. He can exactly tell the lineages of the styles he has inherited and even has many books from his masters that have only been printed for the disciples. 

Jiang Yu Shan can tell the name of his masters and show pictures together, and then show who was the master of that master all the way to the legendary masters such as Sun Lu Tang and Wang Xiangzhai.

Jiang Yu Shan's Bagua Zhang / Xinyi / Yiquan / Tai Chi lineage tree

Cheng Tinghua
Sun Lu Tang
Cheng Huai Hsien
Chang Shih Jung
Chang Chi Yen
Jiang Yu Shan

You can learn about Jiang Yu Shan's Monkey Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu and Wing Chun masters in this video and article.

Highly Developed Concepts of Qigong

dragon pose kung fu qigong dragon stance

Dragon pose is something special. The stance stretches the spine and strengthens the hips and legs very well. Looks simple? Almost no one can do this properly without tremendous difficulty.

The purpose of many still qigong stances such as the dragon pose or the squatting monkey is to realign your body structure and develop rooting (grounding).

This rooting will allow the practitioners to "transform qi" into pure power. What we believe is that it develops an incredibly strong body structure, a more functional relationship with the ground and high levels of stability that will increase the power production by a tremendous fashion.

We have been saying for years that stability training is one of the keys to athleticism. This is why it's heavily covered in our Athlete 20XX system.

But qigong is still very different. These stances and forms are completely alien to most people. Some of them look relatively simple but they are not – they put the body's joints, tendons and muscles in very unique alignments.

Mentally, you will also feel completely different based on the stance. It's like the ancient masters discovered different body alignments to emphasize different neurotransmitters (In Chinese medicine they call them "elements" such as fire, water etc.) inside the human brain.

There are stances for combat. Stances for relaxation. Stances for healing. And the stances feel incredible physically and mentally, and totally different from anything we have ever done.

The purpose is also to develop the willpower. Although they look simple, most people would not be able to hold them for any significant period of time without excruciating pain and shakiness. 

In fact, most modern people are almost too mentally soft for soft qigong like this. This is due to the lack of willpower and weak body structures.

Another great benefit of qigong is obviously healing and rejuvenating the body. There exists very unique fighting qigong and moving qigong such as Lohan Gong which are unbelievable for revitalizing the body and increasing testosterone. 

Women can do the lohan gong with some changes but many other moving qigong forms such as the Buddhist qigong are perfect for both genders without any adjustments.

The Hardest Qigong, The Hardest Practice

lohan gong by eero westerberg

Lohan Gong in action. Even a simple movement like this is incredibly detailed.

We have covered the ancient Warrior Monk Neigong called Lohan Gong extensively in our previous video and article.

The Golden Bell is a different story though. Lohan Gong form is only one part of The Golden Bell.

In real Shaolin kung fu, they have 3 types of protection. These are the Iron Shirt (which almost no one teaches correctly by the way), The Iron Bull and The Golden Bell.

Jiang Yu Shan has read many books on these skills and he said he has never laughed so much. There is simply a massive gap between knowledge and details. Ultimately, anything the teacher teaches is only as good as the teacher himself.

Based on what we have seen in the world of movement, fitness or martial arts, we consider the golden bell the most effective method for boosting testosterone.

The best results come when the golden bell is combined with the sexual transmutation and 30 days qigong routine that Jiang Yu Shan covers in

What is the golden bell? It's a method of hardening and strengthening the body and mind. It's an ancient Shaolin method to develop an armour around yourself.

You will be able to absorb physical hits more easily but you are also less prone to negativity and bad influences – it's a real protection.

Lohan Gong is an important part of the golden bell because it pumps blood to your muscles, stimulates the meridians and gets you in the right state of mind. 

The rest you have to discover by yourself by studying the content of This is all we can share with the public.

This is a real hidden gem from the real ancient Shaolin of the Ming Dynasty. Even the most accomplished Western scholars haven't seen this which is incredible to think about.

Stay safe.

wing chun master
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