LEAKED: 2 Secret Monkey Kung Fu Techniques Applied in MMA

September 30, 2021 by VAHVA Fitness

2 secret Monkey Kung Fu techniques and applications in MMA. Lots of innovation and specialisation in MMA comes from traditional martial arts.

When we release new videos on Monkey Kung Fu or other traditional martial arts, we tend to receive lots of comments from saying "don't waste your time on traditional martial arts, just focus on MMA!".

The reality is that we already focus on MMA but obviously have room to explore other art forms as well.

The problem with pure MMA focus is that it creates very standardized MMA fighters with the same type of skills and the same type of movement.

You become a standard MMA fighter who is easy to read, easy to prepare for and easy to handle unless you are much better in the same skills as the opponent.

Sun Tzu said this already thousands of years ago: surprise is the biggest advantage in war. The same is said by Firas Zahabi, one of the most accomplished MMA coaches today. Look for the path of least resistance.

MMA is fantastic. More than anything, it will teach you the basics of wrestling, grappling and striking.

Most importantly, it's the best environment for a martial artist to test his or her skills because you will meet a wide range of people with different martial arts backgrounds. You are also focusing on what matters the most: sparring and conditioning.

The problems is that most MMA gyms don't go much further than the basics. You will learn the basic takedowns, basic kickboxing and basic grappling.

If you want to specialize in grappling, you have to find a gym that focuses more on BJJ or join a BJJ school. If you want to bring new techniques to MMA in wrestling, you need to study wrestling or have a decorated wrestling background.

Likewise, with striking a lot of innovation in MMA comes from traditional martial arts. In fact, a lot of techniques people utilize today in MMA are from traditional martial arts so how can people say traditional martial arts don't work?

Boxing basics work very well but so does the strikes from Karate. In MMA, there are LOTS OF high level fighters whose style is dominantly Karate just as there are fighters whose style is dominantly wrestling or BJJ.

Moving and fighting like everyone else is the recipe of failure. You need to master the basics but you also need to specialize and be different. Becoming really good in Karate or Dagestani wrestling are some of the ways.

You can also adopt techniques from Kung Fu which very few fighters are doing today. Of course, Kung Fu alone is not going to work.

Why? Because you lack the experience in sparring and you have practically no strength endurance. You need MMA training and Warrior 20XX for that.

If you have a good base, you can see lots of potential in Kung Fu. Qigong whether it's Lohan Gong or breathing techniques work amazingly well for everyone as a supplementary training.

The fight techniques also have potential as long as you know how to apply them. You are responsible for this, not the art form. We need to expand our understanding and raise our standards as martial artists.

Hardening techniques of Monkey Kung Fu alone won't make you a superhuman but they will improve your defence and offence quite a lot. They will also protect your bones from breaking which has recently become very common in MMA.

Recently, Anderson Silva who is considered one of the greatest fighters in the history of MMA made a transition to professional boxing. This year, he beat a legendary bloodline world champion Julio Chávez Jr at 46 years old when Chaves Jr. himself was 10 years younger (35 years old).

And do you know what Anderson Silva credits a lot of his techniques and innovation to? Wing Chun.

A typical Wing Chun gym is probably not going to make a you a world champion but the art form still offers lots of techniques that can be potentially applied in MMA.

And by the way, did you know that Wing Chun is a soft style and not even as practical as the hard Kung Fu styles such as Monkey Kung Fu? Most people don't know this.

It's your responsibility as a martial artist to learn and take advantage of the traditional techniques.

If you want to be the ultimate fighter, this is our recommendation:

  • Build a strong healthy body that can endure. Our 20XX programs are optimal and perfect supplementary training for all martial artists and fighters.
  • Learn MMA and get lots of experience in actual fighting.
  • Learn to utilize different traditional martial art techniques so you don't become an easily predictable MMA fighter.
  • Supercharge yourself internally using Qigong. 

The reason Monkey Kung Fu is special is because it's extremely rare. Practically no one is doing it and the ones who are, are very secretive about it (for example, no videos allowed). 

The techniques are completely foreign to everyone. Even when we reveal 2 techniques, they are really nothing when you consider there are hundreds of them.

Ancient Monkey Kung Fu you can learn at WarriorNeigong.com


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