Justin Bieber Workout Routine for the Upper Body (Chest/Back/Arms/Abs!)

December 9, 2015 by VAHVA Fitness

We have compiled a Justin Bieber workout routine based on Justin Bieber's training videos, Instagram and available photos. 

At the age of 21, Justin Bieber has finally started to mature into a grown man. Lately Bieber has been causing controversy with his rock solid abs and new tattoos he has all over his body. 

Justin Bieber used to be the most hated teenager of our generation, but until recently many haters have turned into Beliebers. Bieber's latest song "I'll show you" is a fine masterpiece with astonishingly beautiful scenery. 

Below we have compiled a full upper body Justin Bieber workout routine (chest/back/arms/abs) based on Justin Bieber's available training footage and Instagram photos. 

The workout routine works on its own and will produce great Bieber-like results with consistency and patience. Expect to get a better chest, thicker back, solid abs and more defined arms.

Justin Bieber Workout Routine / Upper Body

Pull Up: 5 x 5 reps.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 3 x 5-8 reps.

Push Up: 3 x 15 reps.

Bicep Curl: 3 x 10 reps.

Ab-Wheel Rollout: 3 x 5-10 reps.

L-sit Kicks: 3 x 10 reps.

Take 1-3 minutes of rest between sets. You can do this workout 2-5 times per week. 3 times per week is the recommended amount for beginners to see the best results. 

Please watch our Justin Bieber workout routine video below. The video also includes some of our own takes from I'll show you music video:

Exercises of Justin Bieber Workout Routine

Bieber Pull Up

justin bieber chin up
justin bieber pull up workout

We love pull ups and for a good reason: we believe it's the king of upper body exercises. No exercise will build strength and size like the properly done pull up. 

The transfer from pull ups to any athletic endeavour is also tremendous, which is why it's almost one of the most functional exercises anyone can do to improve their athleticism.

Pull ups will make your biceps, back muscles and abs grow incredibly well. Just start from straight arms and pull as high as you humanly can. Quality always trumps quantity.

Pull ups are a part of most good training programs and it's no wonder Justin Bieber does pull ups. 

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

bieber dumbbell
justin bieber press workout routine

Dumbbell shoulder press will add size and strength primarily to your middle deltoids, but the exercise also targets your upper chest, traps and triceps. 

If you want big good looking shoulders, then you definitely should be doing overhead pressing. Not only will your shoulders thank you for it by staying healthy and injury free, the size will also please you as well.

The more you allow your arms to go to the sides of your body, the more the exercise targets your middle deltoids (which should be the goal).

Bieber Bicep Curls 

justin bieber bicep curls
justin bieber biceps

In order to build really defined biceps, doing bicep curls may come necessary. Many people build massive guns with chin ups alone though. 

Like almost every guy out there who works out, Justin Bieber also does bicep curls. He has been doing them with both barbells and dumbbells although dumbbells seems to be the favorite tool. 

Here are pictures of Justin Bieber doing pull ups, bicep curls and abs work.

Basic Bieber Push Up

bieber push up
justin bieber push up routine

Basic push up is a great size and strength builder you can do anywhere and anytime you wish. 

Below Justin Bieber talks about doing lots of bodyweight movements like push ups to stay in shape.

Push up will work primarily your chest and triceps, but your abs are nicely worked too, because you need to hold a nice plank the entire duration of the sets.

Start from straight arms and lower until your chest is only inches away from the floor. The more depth you can do, the more effective the exercise is. 

Bieber Ab-Wheel Rollouts

justin bieber workout
abs justin bieber ab wheel

Ab-wheel rollouts are probably one of the toughest and most effective abs exercises out there. 

The easiest ab-wheel progression is to start from your knees. Eventually you can progress to full ab-wheel rollouts, which not many can do. If you want to take rollouts to the next level, then you can start adding weight via weighted vests

Justin Bieber does them, and so does Bieber's friend and mentor Floyd Mayweather (a boxer) as well. They are effective and they also look impressive.

Bieber L-Sit Kicks

justin bieber abs routine
justin bieber abs exercise

For many in the fitness industry, L-sit is an impressive looking abs exercise that feels in the abs and hip flexors like nothing else. 

If you are a bodyweight fitness enthusiastic or interested in movement, then L-sit is probably the first and the easiest skill you'll learn. 

Justin Bieber has been demonstrating his L-sit skills in his Instagram.

If holding legs straight is too difficult, in that case begin the exercise your knees tucked and try to straighten the legs. You can also only straighten one leg at a time if it feels more comfortable.

Eventually, the basic L-sit will get too easy and then you start working towards V-sit where your legs are pointing upwards. That requires a high level of strength and mobility!

Justin Bieber Diet Plan

The workout above will get you in shape, but working out is only one half of the equation. The other half is a good healthy diet.

In order to build size and strength or burn fat, your diet needs to be in check. According to many videos and photos, Justin Bieber definitely follows a healthy lifestyle with lots of healthy vegetables while avoiding junk food.

A good diet includes:

  • Enough water.
  • Enough healthy vegetables and fruits. 
  • Avoiding sugar, candy or junk food.
  • Adequate protein intake (preferably 2 grams per bodyweight). 

This Justin Bieber workout routine should get you started.

In addition to working out, Justin Bieber likes to play basketball and he also practices boxing with his mentor Floyd Mayweather.

PS. Don't forget to check out our other celebrity workout routines.

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