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VAHVA Fitness

How Your MENTAL STATE Can Ruin Your Results

By VAHVA Fitness on Jun 25th. 2019

How many times the breakthrough has to happen inside your mind before it can manifest in your training and results.

Sometimes, the breakthrough doesn't happen through trying a new exercise, doing more workouts or in any other conventional way.

Many times, the breakthrough happens when you change your entire mindset towards training. Sometimes the determining factor is how you approach training with a new kind of mentality.  

We tried to "force" results in the past many years ago and although it worked in the beginning, it wasn't efficient at all and was costing a lot in terms of joint health and structural balance.

If what you are doing right now isn't working, doing more of the same likely won't help you. If something is garbage, doing more garbage doesn't suddenly turn it into gold.

For us, a big breakthrough was when we realised that the most important thing was the approach and your mental alignment towards training, not the exercises itself. 

When the approach changes, an exercise you used to do in the past morphs into something new. You can literally make progress with an old exercise forever as long as you keep improving your methodology.

This is why the whole thing about "beginner exercises and advanced exercises" is actually not very accurate – in reality there are bad methodology and advanced methodology.

For example, although Athlete 20XX has dominantly very unique exercise selection, the magic is behind in how we do the very basics such as the basic push ups and squats.

Literally, a push up is no longer just a push up. Our push up and someone else's push up are not even comparable. 

This mental progress was a massive change which continues to evolve.


We didn't stop there. We are always evolving and always moving forward with our methodology and style of training.

Variety of exercises and movements matter but this is a very surface layer of training. You can get a good variety of exercises if you just watch 1000 YouTube videos but this will likely only make your training a bigger mess.

The exercise is not the secret!

To illustrate this further, a great coach can make a person stronger with just 2 exercises than a bad coach with 100. A great coach with lots of variety on the other hand is what you want. 

Most people focus only on this exercise layer which makes the act of training very shallow.

When you break the rules of ordinary conduct and realize that the approach will dictate the results more than the variety, you've gone one level deeper. It's like taking the red pill in Matrix.

You got now a finely picked exercise selection which matters. Your approach is refined and polished. This is already extraordinary but the levels go even deeper than this.

The next thing is...

Mental state.

Next comes the realization that how your different mental states and feelings can determine your results and how much you get out of your workouts.

Different exercises and movements already evoke different kinds of feelings and emotions from your body. This is good.

The exercise selection of yoga is not an accident. They evoke calmness and serenity and allow you to relax your muscles and joints better than almost anything.

Likewise, a knee kick is also a movement but evokes more a spirit of a warrior and aggressive emotions. 

All feelings and emotions are fundamentally good and for a reason. What is bad is the attachment to certain feelings and emotions. That you should always feel a certain way. 

One person gets attached to the feeling of joy and THINKS it's the only emotion you should experience. The more aggressive and negative emotions are avoided even when they could be beneficial and natural.

One person feels angry, tight and serious all the time not knowing how to relax and take it easy. 

These people are their own biggest enemies and avoid experiencing the full spectrum of life. Most of the time this happens by an accident since it's easy to get "stuck".

The obsessively joyful and angry person are fundamentally the same and have a similar ego. 

But now you ask, what does this have to do with training and results?

The mentality is your physicality, and vice versa. 

Don't believe me? Watch someone who has heard some amazing news or won something. The person walks with great posture and light feet. Then watch someone who is sad and depressed. The posture is bad and the movements are heavy and slow.

Sometimes, the exact thing you need is to find a certain mental state in order to make progress with an exercise. Some higher level movements demand this.

Do you know how to spot an amateur mover or an artist? All of their flows always have the same mental state. The best artists can convey different emotions through their performance. 

In training, this is a lost art. In ancient arts like Qigong they understood this. They literally have different forms of Qigong such as aggressive fighting Qigong and serene health Qigong.

The mental state is the heart of all this. It's not just patterns of movements but patterns of mental states. As much as you train the body, you also train the mind.

What does the typical gym-goer do? He or she is not present, instead the person is always using a smartphone during the rest breaks and daydreaming of a sweet guy or gal from school or work.

During the exercise, the person lacks patience and just focuses on getting the reps done so the exercise is over as soon as possible. 

"Just give me the results" is the mental state with no respect to the body, the workout or anything else. It's impossible to make good results if your focus is not even at the task at hand!

Then there are the serious ones who do workout with purpose but they get stuck in just one mental state. You always train with "go hard or go home" attitude and just swing the weights like a panicking chimp with no focus on the form.

Or likewise, the workouts are always serene and calm with waterfalls playing in the background. Good luck getting any power out of your body this way.

We want to experience the full spectrum of live. This is what true well-roundedness is.

While Movement 20XX is about exploration, play and freedom of self-expression, our Athlete 20XX program is about focus, precision and patience. 

Our new training program Warrior 20XX on the other hand is about intensity, ferocity and aggression. Three things most people today are afraid of. For a good reason, these are nearly demonic traits and frighteningly powerful.

Many times, all of these traits require an act of surrender. Many times going hard and enduring pain is a spiritual journey. 

While Movement 20XX taught you how to take it easy and have fun, Athlete 20XX how to focus with precision, Warrior 20XX teaches you how to summon the spirit of a warrior and the enduring heart that just refuses to stop at any obstacle.

The path of a warrior is straight and forward. It's demanding but it's the greatest path to glory. You can basically replace the word "glory" with "incredible results".

Warrior 20XX has a very special exercise selection from general fitness exercises to bodybuilding, martial arts, Qigong and movement training but the primary purpose is to teach you something entirely different. 

It will show you a level of intensity and pace it takes to evoke the warrior within. It will show you how the best of the best reach their undisputed status of a champion.

A person might think strength and skill are the main qualities of a warrior but in reality any court jester can be skillful and strong.

The true characteristics of a warrior are endurance, resiliency and the ability to withstand stress and pressure.

Lucky for you, you can have both.

The route is Warrior20XX.com.

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