Handstand Tips for Beginners

July 8, 2016 by VAHVA Fitness

Handstand tips for beginners. Going through two crucial steps for developing the handstand: specific handstand practice and mobility work.

Some people learn the handstand almost naturally without having to practice it for months and months, whereas for many the handstand can feel almost impossible in the beginning.

In the video above there are many great tips and steps for absolute beginners to begin their handstand training. If you aren't the lucky one, it will take a long time to finally master the handstand.

You will learn the handstand by focusing on these two things:

1. General Mobility Work

Handstand isn't just a shoulder movement, it's a full body movement.

This means that in order to be able to do a good handstand, you need to be strong and mobile everywhere

You need to strengthen and mobilize the shoulders, traps, middle back and the hips among many other muscle groups. Your wrists need to be strong as well.

How to Build Overall Mobility?

  • Perform your exercises with a full range of motion: this means squat all the way down and do pull ups where you start from straight arms and pull as high as you can.
  • Work on these many free mobility ex´╗┐´╗┐ercises/drills that are available on this website.
  • Movement 20XX course is designed to build high levels of mobility EVERYWHERE.

If your body structure and muscles are tight, your body will naturally fight the handstand posture and try to purposely prevent you from staying in the handstand position.

It's not easy to hold the handstand when your body cannot even be in the position without rigorously forcing it.

Ultimately, you want your entire body to be so strong and loose to hold the handstand like it would just be another natural posture to be in.

2. Specific Handstand Practice

The only way to develop the courage and the balance to hold a handstand is to practice doing it. This is the only way - no amount of mobility work will let you skip this step.

In the video we listed many different steps to help you begin practicing the handstand. 

You start practicing the balance against a wall which you can either do a back against a wall or a stomach against a wall. When you do it your stomach against the wall, it's easier to avoid arching the back which will help you practice the straight line handstand.

The closer you are to the wall, the easier it is to balance, because your center of mass is in the center and not directed towards the wall.

After the balance starts to be there, you can start practicing the freestanding handstand and eventually start doing handstand walks and push ups.

In conclusion, work on your overall mobility in the entire body and specifically practice the handstand. 

It can be a long journey but the journey is worth it if you really want to learn it.

Train hard, stay safe.


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