The Great Movement Journey – No Boundaries

August 24, 2020 by VAHVA Fitness

There are many limiting beliefs that restrict our natural tendencies and make us move in a constricted way. It's time to eliminate the restricting boundaries.

Let's start with this short poem:

A man strolls upon the earth
Following his instincts
He navigates the uneven surfaces and dirt

Always happy that he can move and explore
Sometimes stumbling
Yet his spirit never ceases to soar

Testing the boundaries is his passion
If he were to lose his ability it would be a great calamity
So he must keep on in his natural fashion

Limited only by his own curiosity there is no shortage of possibility
Who can tell what springs from life
When you’re carried by the native energy

If you understood this poem
Don’t stand back and cover your dome
But let your fine spirit be known

Where is the Hindrance?

flying shoe eero westerberg

What keeps you from moving as you like?

There are many limiting beliefs that restrict our natural tendencies and make us move in a constricted way.

Mechanical movement itself is not the issue. The issue is getting stuck with it and treating it as the norm.

If we want to be free in mind and body we need to start seeing both ends of the spectrum and what is in between.

It's about what you want to do with your body and giving your body what it needs.

Of course, it's not so easy. After all, if you've been conditioned to think in a certain way and don't know all the possibilities then how do you know what you really want or need.

Thus, my task is to not only teach you movement but to be a living example of limitlessness. I want to show how you can cross self-made boundaries of training.

I can move strict, isolated, stable, solid and rigid. I can loosen up, let go, look goofy, fall around and express myself as well. But one thing I don't worry about is being perfect.

Nothing has to be extreme. If you attach your physical freedom into a difficulty scale or impressiveness scale beware of getting stuck.

You can keep chasing the stars but you have to know when it becomes more limiting than liberating.

Freedom is seeing possibilities where before there were no possibilities. Creating movement from situations that other people would ignore.

And yet, you're not really creating anything. You simply started to follow the flow and recognized what was already in you and your surroundings.

Your creativity, curiosity and playfulness can be awakened.

You can freely imitate, figure things out by yourself or follow your gut feeling. Make it into a habit. The first mistake is to unnecessarily rule out options. We're all creators and followers.

I also know that not everything is made for my individual body and personality. We all have unique features and you don't need to senselessly rush to try everything.

The key here is that by going through the process of trying and testing out and opening your mind you learn to better know yourself and your needs.

Soon, moving as you like is the same as moving like you are.

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  • always want to be free in every aspect but so stuck.. this piece is so appropiate& soothing …thank you, you are a true motivator.. want to write ‘the poem’ on my wall… best wishes…

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