Graceful Movement Flow #M-20XX

June 22, 2016 by VAHVA Fitness

Applying movement flow elements of Movement 20XX into a graceful movement flow. Freedom of movement!

Free movement flow is about freedom of self-expression through movement. Anyone can do flow - it's about expressing yourself the best to your ability.

What "flow" is mostly about is just having fun and expressing yourself while at the same time getting a real kick-ass cardio, strength and body control workout.

Learning flow begins by first practicing some individual movements and then intergrating them into a free flow. 

In the Movement 20XX course we have featured over 40 movements with tutorial videos to make it as simple as possible to start practicing movement. There are also numerous of different sample flow routines.

Check our other videos for more flow:

One of the questions we frequently get is: "Do you need lots of space to do Movement 20XX or flow in general?".

The answer is "no". Everything in M-20XX can be done in a very small space. The thing is, the space creates the flow as much as the person in the space doing it. Limited space just allows you to be creative by moving in a small space.

We illustrated this in the fat loss flow routine - it's basically a stationary flow which can be done anywhere.

A bigger space just allows you to be more explosive and faster - and that's it. It's summer so grass should provide tons of space to play with.

Train hard, stay safe.


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