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Intense core workout to target both abs and obliques. Proper core training combined with a good diet produces results.

Here is an excellent 3-round core workout to destroy your entire midsection. You can do this workout on its own or after your main workout.

Core is one of the most important areas for athletic ability and a defined muscular core is a sign of power and aesthetics. You want athleticism? Take core training seriously.

Your core will get plenty of work done with movement training and heavy compound lifts, but to reach the full potential your core needs to be sufficiently trained.

The more you focus on one area, the better gains you can expect. Just make sure you train all the others parts of the body as well since your body will always aim for equilibrium and structural balance. You will reach the best results when your body is balanced and whole.

Contrary to what many people think, you won't get a "bulky midsection" by training the obliques - instead the obliques will make your core look narrower because your sides will be more defined and not soft. 

In Abs 20XX program we cover all different types of abdominal strength (and all the necessary exercise progressions) and routines to develop them. A-20XX also has info about intuitive eating, nutrition plans and a 7-step ladder to help you get fit.

Core Workout for Abs and Obliques

Hanging Leg Raise: 3 x 5 repetitions

Hanging Knee Raise: 3 x 5 repetitions

Hanging Oblique Raise: 3 x 5 repetitions per side

L-Hold: 5 seconds

Take 1-2 minutes of rest between rounds, but no rest between exercises. This workout can be done 1-3 times per week.

Hanging Leg Raise

leg raise for six pack abs

Hanging leg raise will work the abs (mostly core stability) and hip flexors.

You don't need to raise the toes all the way up to the bar - 90 degrees is often more than enough. This is because majority of people don't have the flexibility or mobility to lift the legs all the way up with a good form.

Instead almost everyone leans back by utilizing the lats and by using momentum to do the movement - and this is not what we want to accomplish.

The correct form is to keep the upper body and core as stable as possible while slowly lifting the legs up with control.

The harder version (hanging leg raise) is done with straight legs which can be demanding for the mobility of your hip flexors and quads, whereas with the easier variation you only need to lift the knees up.

Hanging Oblique Raise

obliques training oblique crunch

Hanging oblique raise will develop the abs, hip flexors and the lower oblique muscles.

Similar to other hanging leg raise variations, it's important to keep the upper body and core stable while primarily focusing on raising the legs from the side by crunching the obliques.

Avoid momentum and focus on control. Your obliques should do majority of the work here and that's the place where you should feel the most tension and burn.


l hold for abs and core

L-hold is an excellent finisher to your core workouts. 

You will isometrically train the core and hip flexors. Hanging L-sit hold is also excellent for developing the mobility for the real L-sit.

You should work towards doing the L-hold with straight legs but in the beginning you can do it with slightly bent legs or even just holding your knees up.


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