Qigong grandmaster explains how to build an extraordinary body machine

April 23, 2022 by VAHVA Fitness

Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan explains how to build "a very extraordinary" body machine by combining these two vastly different methods.

Before we even started learning Qigong in Taiwan in 2018, we were already talking about combining "soft" with "hard" - Qualitative method with the quantitative method - Eastern method with the Western method.

The Oriental and Western way of thinking and seeing the world are vastly different, especially before the modern age.

The Western method is very precise and accurate. It understands the individual parts very well. Everything is focused on the measurable and quantitative parts of training.

In the Western method, what is not easily measurable, is often not even regarded as something that exists.

Yet, in training, art and life in general we know that there exists countless "intangible" things that make a big difference yet are hard if not impossible to quantify.

The oriental method is different. It sees the body and everything as a holistic system where everything influences everything else.

Everything is about harmony. The body is seen as a whole and treated as a whole. In the Oriental method there is an understanding that not everything is easily measurable and quantifiable. Yet these intangible things can even be more real.

For example, what is the energy you feel in your body? Everyone knows it exists but alone it's hard to measure. You basically must arbitrarily decide what limiting parameters to focus on.

Your energy is a sum of everything that is happening in your body, your organs, neurotransmitters, hormones, levels of inflammation, cycles of your body and cycles of the environment. Even your thoughts influence your energy.

This holistic understanding is what you can achieve from the Oriental method. Is it perfect? Not entirely. It misses the highly precise and surgical way of thinking and developing the body that is part of the Western method.

This is why it's necessary to combine the two. Holistic Oriental method with the precise Western method. We discovered this a long time ago and this is what the grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan is trying to convey in this video talk as well.

This dual understanding is part of all of our training methods and programs but at the moment the deepest understanding of the Oriental method you can learn from the grandmaster's Qigong courses.

These courses are not the typical westernized forms of qigong or yoga. These methods are very well preserved and developed ancient methods that still have the wisdom and knowledge of the original Oriental method.

You see, the Oriental method is disappearing and fast. Even the Asian countries such as China and Taiwan are becoming more westernized every year. Moreover, very few natives want to become Kung Fu or Qigong masters anymore.

We are lucky that grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan had this drive to dedicate his life to Kung Fu and Qigong and he had this desire to find the most authentic and real masters no matter how hard it was or how long it took.

We have greatly benefited from these methods, not just in terms of our health & performance but also how we understand and see the world. It's a more complete approach to life.

We are not the only ones. Hundreds of students have joined the courses and found priceless understanding and benefits from practicing these methods.

If you are interested in discovering something new and learning methods that can benefit you for the rest of your life, you can find all grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan's courses exclusively at WarriorNeigong.com.

If you can learn the methods and teach them to your love ones, it will be even better. This is how we can be part of the lineages that extend for thousands of years.

Stay strong.

grandmaster jiang yu shan


samuli jyrkinen

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