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VAHVA Fitness

Dive Into the Depths of Physicality

By VAHVA Fitness on February 25, 2020

Your training is only as profound as your mind can grasp. Are you ready to dive deep into the depths of physicality?

There is much more to training than what you are used to thinking about... but how to access this?

First, you must recognize it. For training can only be as profound as your mind can grasp. You do not need to be a genius for this, an open mind is enough.

You can train mechanically and reduce your physical progress into one-dimensional numbers and superficial looks.

The body will respond accordingly by creating a shallow figure. Perhaps momentarily strong appearing but quickly imploding without solid essence.

You can also step into the realm where you can develop yourself inside out as a full-bodied human being that you are.

Here, every breath can be progress, every movement no matter how simple it is is an art of its own. The very energy that keeps you alive becomes tangible. You sense your strength vividly, it springs from a new source. You are guided by life itself.

Some think they need to be clever but you only need to trust your senses. A long before I was able to conceptualize and teach what I was doing I was already practicing it and moving forward.

I was excited because I could sense the limitlessness of this approach. It's the limitlessness we present and bring forth on this channel and want others to realize as well.

In the ideal state of a man born in paradise maybe you'd naturally grow to your radiant potential. But in this age and time the older we grow the more our bodies become crooked due to the culture and environment we live in.

We are discouraged to take care of ourselves. For every problem, there is an outside solution that we hope to work, a pill, a quick adjustment, a hack.

We expect to change without changing anything. We rarely move, we barely breathe, we hardly express our nature.

For us this was unacceptable. We went on a search for knowledge deep inside of ourselves and to the outside world, traveling thousands and thousands of kilometers scouring for hints of the magnitude of the potential of physical development.

This adventure gradually cleared the old restricting customs and rules that were holding us back and allowed us to create the methods we use nowadays.

Our training is a call to awareness, a call to take responsibility for your energy, health and strength.

Are you not excited about training yet?

See the depths of it and become aware, Now.

An Opportunity to Rediscover What Has Been Forgotten

kung fu martial arts eero westerberg

In case you didn't know, we spent the last 3 weeks in Taiwan with the grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan.

This was our third trip to his world and he continues to amaze and surprise us every time we visit.

The first time we visited him was eye-opening and physically taxing. The next two times we already started working on a project together to bring his knowledge to the broader public.

The next step for you and for us is to delve deep into the depths of ancient Qigong. This is different from the stuff you see online, it's almost incomparable. A lot of the Qigong you can find on YouTube is just weird and lacks the essence.

This is ancient and secret knowledge that has been transferred in families from one generation to the next. This is something that hasn't been commercialised like Yoga or other forms of training.

The grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan was barely online before 2015 and even after that he was a hard man to find. For the past 30 years he has been mostly active in Taiwan only.

We have been amazed by the stuff we've learned, not just with the depth but also with the results they produce. We have already implemented this type of training for over a year. Some of it is already part of Morning Routine 20XX.

This training goes deeper into your body than anything else. Forget about superficial appearance and merely technical skill. This training will go deep into your veins and penetrate your mind. This type of training upgrades and rejuvenates your entire physiology.

We have studied and seen extensively almost everything the Western world has to offer and we have to say that nothing has the same depth as what we will bring to the public.

Next month starts a new season. We are truly excited to share this stuff with you. This will be interesting and helpful even if you have zero interest in martial arts or Kung Fu because this is universal body strengthening and taking care of the human body.

Until next time.

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