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Demonstrating Qi - What It Means to be a Qigong Master

By VAHVA Fitness on April 27, 2020

In the ancient times being a Qigong master meant the necessity to demonstrate your "Qi". Here are the ways how.

In the past, being a Qigong master had a different meaning than it has today. It meant the necessity to demonstrate your Qi, something Jiang Yu Shan talked about in the last video.

Qi is the life energy, the vitality of the body and in order for someone's Qigong practices to be effective and something to be taken seriously, they had to have visible effects.

The ancient masters competed against each other with their Qigong methods and living past 90 years old was a badge of honor. There were many ways you had to demonstrate your Qi.

Today, it's a different world where anyone can become a certified Qigong master by learning the philosophy of Buddhism and by practicing movement forms.

The scene is filled with soft spoken teachers who talk more than they do and are never tested when it comes to Qi. The standards for the ancient Qigong masters and the modern ones have become totally different.

For example, many of the Qigong forms (Ba Duan Jin) and Kung Fu styles such as Xing Yi were created by Yue Fei (1103-1142) who was a Shaolin hero and a military general. The ancient Qigong masters were literally warriors and war heroes.

In the ancient times, everything was about being the real deal and it was necessary to demonstrate that you were the real deal. It was less about talk and more about action. Let's elaborate this further.

Demonstrating Health, Longevity and Vitality

The ancient Qigong masters were all about demonstrating their health, longevity, vitality and power. These photos are from Jiang Yu Shan's library. The stomach illustrates the master's breathing capacity.

Just like personal trainers are judged on how fit and strong they are, Qigong masters must be judged on how healthy and vital they are. No matter the age.

Jiang Yu Shan's master Chen Min Lun passed away at the age of 92 and was very vital to his last years. Jiang Yu Shan is in his 50s and he is stronger and more mobile than almost everyone half of his age.

Most importantly, Jiang is full of energy and vitality. He has a strong presence and can teach and talk for hours nonstop. This is due to his Qigong practice.

He is the walking proof of his methods and what he has received from his masters. This is how any health expert should be judged on but in Qigong it's not always the case. People hide behind their credentials and have nothing tangible to show.

Qigong is a complete method for enhancing and improving your lifestyle. It's not something you do a couple of times per week for health benefits. Qigong is something you can integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle and enjoy the benefits forever.

For example, the Health Qigong section of Jiang Yu Shan's Health & Fighting Qigong course covers nearly everything there is to health: everything from standing postures and breathing to even sleeping techniques.

This is intense Lohan Gong (Fighting Qigong). The Buddhist Qigong is a lot softer and less intense but very effective.

You will learn how to relax the mind and body with different breathing techniques and postures. Jiang shares his incredibly detailed and valuable meditation routine to calm the mind and help you connect with the higher power.

Breathing is covered and in our opinion it's the most in depth breathing work you will find anywhere. Breathing is the main force behind life: an average person lasts only 2-3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water and 1 month without food.

You are ultimately becoming an expert in taking care of your own health. Self-massage techniques for the entire body from head to toes are all inside.

You don't need pills for anxiety or depression, calming the mind and relaxing the body is a big part of Qigong. You can become the sovereign individual who has complete control over his thoughts and emotions.

Jiang Yu Shan even covers sexual behaviour and sexual transmutation. Your sex drive is an incredibly strong force and once you learn how to harness it, you will have no limits to what you can achieve.

You need to know that the mastery is within yourself. Everybody can be his own master but the key, how to open the door, we will provide through our basic exercises. - Jiang Yu Shan

The modern lifestyle is all about making you dependent on external things. Instead of becoming their own master, people rely on pills and authorities to take care of themselves.

Qigong is about reclaiming your birth-right, your own ability to heal yourself. It's about taking back your authority to take care of your body and mind. And make no mistake: your body has an almost miraculous ability to heal itself.

Movement forms are only one part of the equation. You have already seen a lot of Jiang Yu Shan's abilities. We have shown a small bit of the Lohan Gong Form but we haven't shared anything about the Buddhist Qigong Form.

This Buddhist Qigong form is all about mobilizing the entire body and rejuvenating your Qi and vitality. We have studied physical fitness for a long time and this is some of the best work that can be done for your spine.

buddhist qigong by hisham

Your eyesight is covered in the form as well as the rotation of your neck. If you have back or hip problems, this form will very likely help or fix them. Breathing is vital and you will learn every inhale & exhale to supercharge the results.

Jiang Yu Shan has trained hard for decades and competed against tough opponents but he has never needed a surgery to fix his body. He has cured all of his and many other's injuries with traditional Qigong forms and massage techniques.

The Fighting Qigong, Lohan Gong, is the most exciting part of the course but the Buddhist Qigong form is very special and impressive as well. We have been reluctant to show it because we want to keep the form exclusive for the people who join the course.

You can search for "Buddhist Qigong" and "Lohan Qigong" on Google but what you will find is totally different compared to what you will inside this course.

Demonstrating Physical Prowess and Martial Power

Demonstrating Qi wasn't only tied to health, longevity and vitality. You also had to be able to do something and demonstrate your Qi in a very clear manner.

Hard Qigong or Fighting Qigong was created to boost your performance and eliminate fear. Nowadays, this art is nearly lost and almost everyone has shifted their focus on Health Qigong.

Why? Because all forms of hard training are actually hard and the training is uncomfortable. Moreover, the communist revolution eliminated many forms of hard training back in the day.

In the ancient times, the Qigong masters would test their abilities against prisoners and animals. This was all common practice as cruel as it sounds. It's all mentioned in Jiang Yu Shan's old books and transcripts.

Shaolin monk attacking a cattle

Monks would fight, wrestle and spar with each other and test their skills in various competitions. At the time, the Shaolin masters were interested in seeing how much they can bend the reality and how much they can expand the potential of the human body.

We have personally only scratched the surface when it comes to the applications of using your energy. A lot of the applications have to do with power, healing and withstanding damage though.

The ancient books would talk about "diamond fingers" - hardened fingers that could penetrate the human body. Today, this sounds ludicrous but after witnessing what we have witnessed, it may actually be possible.

In the modern day, bodybuilders have discovered the training methods and drugs to make the human body gigantic beyond belief. Shaolin masters of the past learned how to make the body like iron with their training methods and medicine.

Breaking stuff was one of the ways to demonstrate your Qi because the reality is that it's not enough harden your bones – you also have to be able to concentrate your Qi so you don't get injured in the process.

Jiang Yu Shan is one of the rare individuals in the entire world who has mastered the harden skill. Even in modern Shaolin temples, very few if anyone has the mastery of the skill.

When it comes to the harden skill, a lot of the stuff you see online are fake. You only need to look at their hands to see the truth.

Going Toe to Toe Against Others to Test Your Qi

shaolin monk tearing up a tree with iron hand

It's hard to believe but with the right methods and medicine, you can turn any part of your body into "iron".

Another way to demonstrate the Qi is to compete. When you are going toe to toe against someone who has also spent years training for that moment, you have to be mentally and physically prepared.

In all athletic competitions, skill is only one part of the equation. You also have to get the body ready to perform at a high level in a very specific moment of time.

It's a big field in sports science and all sports to develop the know-how and methods to prepare the athlete for competition. This involves both physical and mental preparation.

The ancient Shaolin monks went through exactly the same thing. They developed various methods to prepare themselves for fighting and ultimately for war. This is what Fighting Qigong and Lohan Gong was created for.

Nowadays, barely any Kung Fu or Qigong master have tested their skills in practice. Jiang Yu Shan has 8 gold medals and has fought in combat sports such as Sanda, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Karate and MMA.

As a Kung Fu teacher, competition is a necessary element to test the methods in practice and learn how they actually work, otherwise it's impossible to call yourself an expert in the area of fighting.

Jiang Yu Shan has received lots of criticism for losing one MMA fight like he doesn't know how to fight at all. People only see the last 30 seconds of the fight. They don't know it was the second round and he won the first. 

View this post on Instagram

We must conquer different obstacles in life ! 2008 I lost a fight in the MMA division 85 kg . I get KO’d ! Why ? As a martialart practitioner you need to have the guts and invest in loosing. That’s not a shame , you need to know where are the areas to improve and you need the will to change . I was struggling in my private life- my wife suffered from bipolar disorder - I was the husband to take care of her situations for ten years . I was not only destroyed physically also my mental situation reached a certain point. 2015 was the time where I needed to bring all my strength together and fight my way out of this situation- the world lei tai tournament was in Taiwan, yunlin and I was already 44 years old . You know you can win so many gold medals but small minded people only want to remember the bout you lost! “ Do you know Master XXX ? Oh yes, ah he lost a fight !!!” I separated from my relationship and joined the tournament- first place 80kg division!!! I met my wife in that day and my private life is in a healthy condition. 2016 was the last time I fought in Tokyo! I wanted to retire in my highest level - already 45 and MMA Karate is where you can meet really tough and skilled practitioners. I had “the Naysayers “ telling behind my back- he’s too old and so on ... I don’t care of useless guys especially with no achievements in the martialart circles ! Facing always bigger and stronger fighters ( I’m only 170cm tall) is the challenge - I fought in the over 80kg all these years . I won in Tokyo and retired from that - pain is temporary, glory is forever ! #mma #bjj #karate #kungfu #vegan #

A post shared by 讧玉山 (@monkeyboxer_in_taiwan) on

Then they ignore the fact that he has won many high level competitions in Sanda and Karate MMA where the martial artists arrived to compete from all over the world. 

It's a difficult thing to win any competition in any sport or art. Good luck winning a local ballroom dance competition. Or fencing competition. Join a Karate or Taekwondo competition and see how easy it is to become the world champion.

Recommended reading: Monkey Master Becomes World Champion Fighter by Dr. Antonio Graceffo (University of Shanghai).

Obviously, being a MMA or Boxing world champion is a different level of prestige but Jiang Yu Shan is a Kung Fu master whose primary job was to work full time as a drill instructor for Taiwanese special forces. He was never a professional fighter who trained all day every day.

Jiang Yu Shan's students are not pushovers either and a lot of them know how to fight. Students are a great indicator for the competence of the teacher.

What we have realized training boxing is that you are very dangerous when the gloves are on... take off the gloves and you will lose a lot of your power unless you also possess the harden skill.

Ancient Method for Perfecting and Enhancing Life

In the West, it's time to move away from the "New Age Qigong" and move towards the real practical Qigong that it was always meant to be.

The ancient monks were incredibly practical and scientific when it came to the effectiveness of their practice. It's a sad state of affairs to see what it all has become today.

We have learned a lot from Jiang Yu Shan and all of it has been useful methods and techniques we have been able to use to enhance our lives and performance. There has been nothing impractical about any of it.

The Health Qigong we cover in the course is something everyone can do regardless of their age, gender or background. Even seniors can use the Buddhist Qigong form to rejuvenate their bodies.

Fighting Qigong is for those who want to revitalize the body and increase their hormonal production (testosterone) and performance. This is very intense stuff we have been very excited about. We have seen nothing like this anywhere else.

The great thing about Jiang Yu Shan's teachings is that they are simple and always for a specific purpose – they are not overly choreographic and technical that only dancers would be able to do.

This course has been a long time coming but it's finally here. Before our efforts, Jiang Yu Shan was a very hard man to find because he was mostly known in the Chinese/Taiwanese media where he is actually a local celebrity.

We took 3 flights from Europe to Taiwan and spent 2 months with the master learning, filming and putting all this together. The course and all the recent material took nearly a month to film and another month to edit and finalize.

Now is your opportunity to take advantage of Jiang Yu Shan's expertise. This man has gone the lengths to learn what he knows. He has fully integrated into the Taiwanese culture and speaks and reads perfect Chinese.

Jiang Yu Shan's library is incredible and contains information we didn't know existed. He has not only learned from his masters but he has also dug deep into the old literature. For example, he shared with us some books that only had 100 copies made.

He is the direct successor to the great grandmasters before him and he continues to expand his knowledge. Only a few days ago, a Taiwanese 88 years old grandmaster of the Crane style had accepted him as his successor.

It has been truly life-changing for us to learn these methods and they continue to morph our views regarding physical fitness. We believe that combining our "Western" methods with this ancient knowledge is an incredible combination.

You can learn more about Jiang Yu Shan's course at WarriorNeigong.com.

Due to the high price this is an exclusive club but the value is also incredible. Everyone who wants to join now has the opportunity to do so.

Stay strong.

vahva fitness

Health & Fighting Qigong Course is Now Available

Rejuvenate and revitalize the body with ancient Qigong methods and exercises. 

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