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VAHVA Fitness

Demonstrating 4 home training methods I did for constant progress

By VAHVA Fitness on June 1, 2020

How we managed to make amazing progress despite not having access to a gym. Also learn the 3 reasons why you are not seeing results.

In case you didn't know, we have been traveling quite some bit in 2020 already. Right before they closed the borders in Asia, we managed to spent nearly a month in Taiwan in late January and February.

During this time we did the finishing touches to the new Health & Fighting Qigong course by Jiang Yu Shan. Till to this day, it has been our biggest project so far that took two long trips to Taiwan to get everything done.

In early March, a week before they closed the borders in Europe and Russia, we managed to sneak inside Russia where we trained MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in a Russian gym for over 2 weeks before everything was shutdown.

At the time, we were also busy editing and constructing the Health & Fighting Qigong course which is why we decided to stay there over 2 months to get everything done and ready.

Leaving Russia wasn't an easy task because the borders were officially closed and there was no longer public transport. Due to the great efforts by Finnish embassy we managed to get a private ride from St. Petersburg to Finland where we are currently residing.

This year has been a busy year due to the release of two programs/courses. In January we released Morning Routine 20XX which is a morning routine that can seriously improve your physical and mental health by helping you take charge of your morning.

In April, the Health & Fighting Qigong course was released which already made history in the martial arts world because this level of wisdom and knowledge hasn't been online before. 

We basically imported some really amazing stuff from the East to the West and believe Jiang Yu Shan's knowledge on breathing and building the vitality of the body to be best in the world.

This year, we still have other projects we are planning to work on. We have released hundreds of free videos and articles over the years showcasing what we do but a lot of the methods we have shared only to the small circle of coaching students. 

We have learned a lot and developed many methods to a high level over the years. Now, we want to provide further high quality services and tools for many different aspects of physical development.

Going deep into the methodology of training will be the next step. This will be purely expert/advanced level education. You will find out more about this later this year.

3 Reasons Why You Are Not Seeing Results

lockdown workout home exercises

When people start training, some people tend to get great results while some people are really struggling to make progress. However, progress is never instant and all progress takes a lot of work.

There are better ways to make progress though and here are the 3 ways why your results have been stagnant or not as good as they should be.

1. No Proper Focus

Especially the beginners have the tendency to try to do everything at once thinking somehow they will progress faster that way. They fill up their schedules with everything they can.

In the beginning it can actually be good to explore different ways of training like we do in Movement 20XX but the training schedules need to be sane and focused.

Focus is what ultimately creates the results and if you focus on too many things at once, it's hard to make breakthroughs in any of these areas.

The more advanced you get, the more focused you have to become. It's better to master one thing first rather than trying master 10 things at the same time.

At an advanced level, you may maintain other areas but focus on 1 thing for weeks or even months until you hit a certain level. When you truly develop something, it's hard to lose it even when you don't work on it for a while. 

Everything should also be integrated and be part of the same system. In other words, the methodologies and philosophies should not be in conflict with each other.

2. Lack of Proper Methodology

Another thing to consider is that your results will be determined by how well you do what you do. The biggest problem is that this is all relative.

Just like most people think they know how to drive well, most people think their exercise form is good.

In reality, the gap between a typical driver and a professional one is massive. It's the same with training.

Almost everyone who thinks their form is solid, would be awestruck by how many mistakes and problems we would be able to see and how much room they have for improvement.

That's why having teachers and mentors is important no matter how advanced you are. We simply cannot judge ourselves well enough by ourselves and there is always room for improvement and raising the standards.

3. Lack of Intensity

Another thing that is completely relative is the intensity of your training - how hard you are training and how much you push yourself.

Likewise, a lot of people think they push themselves hard but if they were to train with a professional athlete, they would realize that they "barely workout".

This is why training partners who are better than you are incredibly important and beneficial in any form of physical training whether it's working out or sports.

When you train by yourself, you will tend to stay within your comfort zone even in the times when you think you push yourself. When someone else is pushing you – it's a totally different story.

This is why we created the Warrior 20XX in 100% follow-along format. When you follow a trainer's lead and do your best to keep up with him, you will eventually reach the trainer's level and "steal" his results and level of intensity.

We are always reminded that we are not as self-aware and smart as we think. As much as a lot of people think they know, someone else can be light-years ahead of them and show effortlessly how little they actually know. And this is not a bad thing.

Until next time,

VAHVA Fitness

vahva fitness methods training

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