Practicing Crawl Patterns | Experimental Flow

January 10, 2017 by VAHVA Fitness

Playing around with many different crawl patterns and also practicing some experimental flow.

Crawling is tough and anyone who has tried some of the harder crawls, knows that they are on a whole different level compared to basic push ups or other one dimensional pressing exercises.

In this video there are some new and old crawl movements that require a high level of strength and mobility in the entire body.

To get started, you need to develop sufficient levels of strength and mobility by doing full range of motion push ups and other pressing exercises. Movement 20XX also offers a great foundation since developing crawling strength is one of the main focuses of the course.

You don't need to be super strong to start practicing flow, but you need to have mastered the basics and have built a good baseline of strength & mobility. You can find many beginner level animal movements from this video. 

To become mobile, first understand what mobility is really about. In many ways, becoming mobile is a way of training more than doing just specific mobility drills.

Becoming mobile is about learning how to do the exercises/movements correctly and learning how to contract all the muscles of the body. It's also a lot about knowledge regarding how to target all the muscles of the body.

The movement quality of athletes, gymnasts or dancers is possible for almost everyone to reach as long as the training is approached properly and enough hard work is done to produce results. Just remember that quality trumps quantity almost every time.

3 Intense Crawl Movements

Scorpion Crawl

scorpion lizard crawl training

Scorpion crawl is a variation of the lizard crawl where you are throwing one of your legs over your body with every step. This is excellent for the mobility of the lower back.

Chameleon Crawl

lizard crawl movement training

Chameleon crawl is easily the hardest crawl pattern. You are basically doing one arm & one leg push ups with every step - this requires a high level of strength and stability.

Crustacean Crawl

crawl animal movement

Crustacean crawl is a fantastic crawl pattern where you keep your body turned sideways. Study the video for the correct execution - this crawl can be tricky.

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