“Controlled rage” – Ancient secret for controlling your violent psyche

December 17, 2020 by VAHVA Fitness

One of the unique parts of Jiang Yu Shan's teachings. We haven't seen anything like this anywhere else. Really amazing stuff.

This is one of the unique parts of Jiang Yu Shan’s new Internal & External Kung Fu course. There's a lot more happening than meets the eye.

This is an ancient method to cultivate “controlled rage” so when you fight (or perform), you will fight with 100%+ of your power.

True combat requires a merciless and ruthless mind that does what is necessary but still understands when enough is enough.

This is why crazy people on drugs can get more dangerous than professional fighters – they are not holding back and do not worry about the consequences. 

The only problem is that they do not control their behaviour and do things they shouldn’t do.

With the controlled rage, you learn to manifest the demon inside of you so you can fight and perform with every emotion working for you.

This is the most unique thing we have ever witnessed. We literally have seen nothing like this anywhere else taught by no one else.

Practicing this is like traveling hundreds of years back to a time when people were still in touch with their dangerous and savage selves.

And imagine that this is only the beginning.

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