Choose between Health Qigong and Fighting Qigong

September 3, 2020 by VAHVA Fitness

We got BIG NEWS.

After listening to the numerous requests and discussing the Health & Fighting Qigong course at length with the master we have great news to tell you.

In addition to the complete package, the Health & Fighting Qigong course is now available in two separate sections:

1. Health Qigong only
2. Fighting Qigong only

People who don’t want to do the hard qigong can now purchase the health qigong separately. This is especially great for women since the hard qigong is not typically recommended for females.

Fighting Qigong is also available separately but we highly recommend getting the Health Qigong course first.

This is because the success with Lohan Gong will depend a lot on mastering the breathing material first which is part of the health qigong.

Ultimately, you make the choice.

We also have new payment options available (3 monthly payments) which makes the courses more accessible for more people.

You can find the courses and learn more at

Stay strong.

Team of VAHVA Fitness


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