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VAHVA Fitness

How to Become Limitless and Unleash Your Potential

By VAHVA Fitness on April 3, 2019

It's likely that you have only scratched the surface when it comes to your potential. It's time to become limitless.

This is the follow-up video and article for our last video that did get a good welcoming but it was also shocking for some people.

But somebody had to do it.

Genghis Khan said: "If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you."

This time, we have a more positive and optimistic message. It's about your true potential and how very likely, you are not even close to hitting your potential even if you have been training for a long time.

The big thing we want to talk about is that life is YOUR journey and training is about YOUR potential. What we do is not a sport or a competition. 

Strengthening the body, building mobility, fixing pains and aches and maximizing your physical potential is a big part of what we do.

Ultimately, our job is to help you find yourself not just physically but also mentally (hint: they are connected).

The problem with bodyweight fitness and most training styles in general is that they do not really respect your true uniqueness and personal identity.

Somehow everyone is supposed to progress towards extreme feats and if you fall short - you are a pussy. And that's the case even if the whole game has been set in a way that it's not even possible to win. 

When we were chasing these external criteria dictated by others such as skills, weight or a certain look of the body (the bloated muscle monster), everything was coming from a position of weakness.

Somehow getting these things was going to define ourselves and make us worthy of (self-)respect, self-worth and happiness. They just never did because they never could.

Only once we stopped defining ourselves with external standards and started focusing inwards, things started to change and we started to make real progress towards our dream physiques.

Focusing on the body was the solution to every physical problem that we had. Once we did that, our why and purpose started to come from the position of strength and self-love. 

Before that, everything was kind of ruled by fear. External standards were such big parts of our identities that we were afraid to take any time off training (even 1 week!) because it could have meant losing progress in some of the exercises. 

We were sacrificing our health and joints to impress other people. That's really the main purpose of extreme feats. Extreme feats often have no positive impact on your health, posture or universal performance - in fact they are likely to hurt these things.

Moreover, the whole word "feat" is actually the wrong term to even describe them. 

Why? Although many of them do look impressive, in the grand scheme of things they are not even that impressive apart from the superficial aspect.

A person who can do a couple of extreme skills often fails badly in other areas of fitness. A lot of people who can do the advanced levers would actually lose their abilities if they started training their legs and hips properly. 

When it comes to pure movement ability, it really takes nothing but strength and the right body type to perform these skills. They are not even technically complex if you want to discuss the human movement and athletic ability. 

Moreover, most of these skills are not even rare in today's day and age. Nowadays, there are thousands of Russian kids with the right body type and the right genetics performing one arm chin ups on Instagram. 

Do you know what instead is rare?

Authenticity. Self-love. Self-respect.

All of these require courage, persistence and gratitude. Three of our core values. Chasing extreme standards requires none of these things except persistence. 

That takes us to the next problem: persistence in the wrong direction is not a good thing. It's called forcing it and forcing it is never good for anyone, especially for the one who's doing it.

There is a certain cadence - a pace for progress and development. Baking a cake too hot will just make it burn. Try playing a song in a hurry and you will make mistakes and ruin the song.  

Our training started to change once we stopped forcing the body to fit a certain box. This is because the imaginary box was never real and suitable for our unique body types to begin with. 

Chasing specific skills, weight and a certain body was THE limitation that hindered our potential. Giving it up allowed us to be limitless and make faster progress even in the areas that we used to force progress in. 

What does being limitless mean?

It means having the confidence and capability to learn anything. Do you want to master dancing, surfing or martial art? You can go and do it.

It means having the vitality and health where your body can handle the strain of hiking, sports or any activity (or just daily life). 

It means not labeling yourself with anything that hinders your potential and understanding that you don't need to be "a dancer" to learn how to dance.

We think about universal potential. What is the kind of training that doesn't just make you good in 1 thing but rather gives you the base and foundation to excel in all things. This is what we would consider "a superhuman". 

Again: focusing directly on the body was the answer to everything. Discovering yourself and strengthening every area and part of your body was the key that opened the gates to a whole new dimension.

While everyone else was using a proxy (skill, weight) to develop the body, we went directly to the source. The source was the body.

After this, there hasn't been a plateau in our training because we always find new areas to improve and develop in ourselves. Nothing is more motivating than this.

Imagine if EVERY exercise and EVERY workout you ever did moved you closer to your fullest potential? 

Strength comes out of weakness which is why we consider discovering weakness a very positive thing. Weakness is potential in disguise and potential is all you need. 

By accepting the weak, bad and ugly parts of ourselves we have been able to make incredible progress at a level that was nowhere possible before.

Self-acceptance and focusing on the body have been the primary reasons that have allowed us to maximize our potential and break the limits of external conditioning.

The best part is that... you have seen nothing yet. 

We continue making amazing progress on a weekly basis and you can do that too. The situation and the body you now have are not set in stone. You can MASSIVELY improve your life with fitness alone. 

In the past, we had joint problems (from the mainstream methods) that seemed impossible to fix. We had been training for half a decade and thought we had hit our "natural limit".

To break out of this cage of limitations and expectations of others, it all starts with an act of surrender. Surrendering to your own body.

Once you do that, you can start rebuilding yourself as the person who you actually are.

The true purpose of a teacher is not to teach you some gimmicks to hide insecurities.

The true purpose of a teacher is to help you discover who you are and what you are capable of which will then destroy all fear and insecurity. 


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