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VAHVA Fitness

Back to the Roots

By VAHVA Fitness on January 22, 2019

Animal movements and flow in the new headquarters of VAHVA Fitness. Return to the roots of physicality and unleash the power within.

Here is the first video filmed in the new headquarters of VAHVA Fitness in Helsinki, Finland!

We are planning to spend at least a year in Finland producing amazing content and tools for you to transform your life. Once we get that accomplished, we should head towards Americas.

We are already planning to release something great in just a couple of weeks for you to enjoy. It will be free for everyone since we want everyone to get a great start in 2019.

Since we returned to our roots, we decided to return to the roots of VAHVA Fitness in this video as well. You should see animal movements we used to do back in 2015 but also a great deal of new stuff. 

The interesting part about movement training and animal movements is that they never really get old. These movements still kick our asses and surprisingly they only grow more effective the more you do them. 

The reason is that you learn to do them better - you have more control over the movements and possess a better awareness of how you move your body.

chameleon walk movement training

Learn to Play and Have Fun

In order to unleash the full power of your physique, you either have to have fun or it has to come out of necessity. Danger makes beasts out of men (and women) but joy does as well.

Having fun and expressing yourself fully is one of the secrets to high performance. If you are timid, your movements will also be timid. 

When animals move, they don't hold back mentally or physically. They are not afraid to express themselves and go all out. 

Just like lion cubs wrestle with each other with joy or mini monkeys jump from one tree branch to another like they are in the rollercoaster, you can have that immeasurable freedom as well.

Return to the roots of physicality by moving your body. Animal movements are perfect for this but you can also achieve this with dance, martial arts or training in general.

Give it a try. A person who doesn't try new things is a dead person. Age is just a number and it's not too late. The joy is in discovery - it's in realizing your amazing existence as a mover and an athlete. 

No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. - Socrates

It's about starting and seeing how far you can go - how far you can take it. It's about discovering your body and yourself in the process.

The level doesn't matter, it's all about moving. Comparing yourself to others does no good, in fact it is the thing that leads you on the wrong and weaker path where you are never enough.

You were created to move your body. It's a birthright that belongs to us all. It's not an external thing that is only reserved to a rare few. 

You were born for this. You don't have to earn it. It's already yours.

moving the body, freedom of movement

The Last Time.

When was the last time you really went all out? When was the last time you really expressed yourself?

Children do this all the time. You did this a long time ago too. No one had to teach it, no one had to show you the way. You knew all of this naturally.

The reason you had this talent was that you didn't fight it. You didn't resist it. You didn't suppress it. You just let it flow through you and unleashed the energy you had inside of you. 

The fact that you had this "talent" as a kid is the proof that you still have it. It hasn't gone away, it just has been buried. You only have to dig it up.

As adults, a lot of people need alcohol to get the courage to express themselves. That is obviously not the best option because it often leads to mistakes. 

You don't need alcohol or medication, you only need to move the body. Moving the body is the answer, it's the ailment and the solution to the pressure and distress that has been building up inside of you.

Release the energy and unleash the beast: start moving your body like you mean it. Step out of the way and let the body dance.

Stay strong.

PS. If you are interested in the actual movements of the video, Movement 20XX has the tutorials, progressions and workouts for nearly all of them. Learn more here!

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