Athletic Workout for Superhuman Athleticism

August 18, 2018 by VAHVA Fitness

Intense high level athlete workout with explosive power and speed drills. This is hard work. Power, speed and agility!

Many of the movements done in the video are similar to what we do in Phase 3 of Athlete 20XX.

Obviously, you cannot just jump to this advanced phase and expect to get good results. The problem with mainstream fitness is that people try to mimic the people on top of the pyramid. 

This is problematic because modeling and emulating the top of pyramid won't help you build the actual pyramid. Most likely, you will get hurt or just waste your time.

To get to the top, you actually have to start from the bottom. For most people, the bottom is lower than they think it is. It can be ego-crushing low.

Starting from the bottom is not bad. The worst place to be is in the middle for the people who already think they are strong and have some pride and ego in their strength and physical ability.

These are the guys and gals who have some muscle, can lift heavy and can do some impressive bodyweight exercises.

They have something going on but they also have many weaknesses and imbalances they are refusing to address or just don't know about because only by stepping outside of your comfort zone you realize what is missing.

These people have already worked hard for what they have accomplished and feel a sense of pride. To ask them to do some very basic level stuff may feel like an insult. Yet, that is exactly what they need to do in order to keep progressing.

This was the case for us as well. To continue making good progress and reach a good level of athletic ability, we had to be brutally honest with ourselves. 

eero westerberg transformation

Eero's transformation.

samuli jyrkinen transformation

Samuli's transformation.

Despite training for years, we had weaknesses and imbalances everywhere that had to get fixed before we were able to keep progressing and move to the next level.

You see, we primarily create our training programs for ourselves and later share them for others to acquire the same results. Every video and program that we create is a reflection of what we have done and continue to do in the present.

We tried the conventional approach and almost everything out there. They just didn't work for the goals we wanted to accomplish (like building an athletic physique that has real functionality and performance). 

We had to learn how to build the athletic physique step by step because we didn't have any athletic background ourselves. We wanted to close the gap between the beginner and the pro athlete.

Surprisingly, it has turned out that the health and posture are massive components of this process. This is why you shouldn't and don't need to sacrifice your health or joints to develop your physique.

In fact, if you have weak, hurt or broken joints, your overall movement ability is massively compromised. You can't fully train the whole body either. This is why joint health comes first.

We had to learn how to reach the top from the bottom. In fact, we are still working on it (it's a never-ending process) but we have left a clear path behind.

The interesting thing about advanced training is that you have to build the bottom and the top simultaneously. You never stop building your foundation. The stronger the foundation, the taller the pyramid (your physique).

foundation determines your potential in fitness

People falsely think basics are for the beginners only, something you finish and then forget. In reality, advanced trainees spend the same if not more time on the basics. The difference is that the advanced trainees also keep building the top of the pyramid.

Most trainers don't even understand what are the "basics". Our definition of basics is a lot more sophisticated and precise than just doing many repetitions of push ups and pull ups. 

In almost all fields of physical training today, everyone is trying to build the top while ignoring or neglecting to build their foundation. 

Another problem with how people progress is that a lot of people are trying to skip the easier steps because they can already do a more difficult step. This is just impatience. 

For example, a lot of people can lift heavy but the form is bad and they still lack plenty of mobility and movement quality in their basic joint articulations. 

In overhead press, people snap their elbows because they lack the pure joint articulation. Another person may squat heavy while he or she can barely do a proper bodyweight squat. 

athlete physique athletic body

This is how building an athletic physique actually happens:

As a beginner, you focus first on building strength and mobility everywhere in the body. You focus on developing strength and mobility in your joint articulations to ensure all joints work in isolation and integration the way they are supposed to.

This step dramatically improves, if not fixes, the posture and takes care of the imbalances and weaknesses in the body. If you have weak joints and a bad posture, you have no chance of performing at a high level.

Once this phase has been accomplished, the person can start working on the difficult bodyweight skills, heavy exercises and power drills. 

Most people completely disregard the first step. You see people who can lift heavy but their movement quality is poor. Without movement quality you can't really be athletic.

How we do it in Athlete 20XX is that we first focus solely on building foundational strength and mobility in Phase 1.

The first phase develops movement quality, fixes imbalances, improves structural balance, develops the natural range of motion and builds foundational strength.

Then, in Phase 2 we add stability and balance so you can do more with your muscles and actually build a solid base for explosive power movements.

In Phase 3, we start adding speed, power and agility. In Phase 3 you can also lift heavy because your body is properly prepared for the task.

We don't take shortcuts simply because there aren't any. We want to be the real deal and it only happens by focusing on the basics.

You won't instantly feel like a superhuman but at least you have the possibility to feel like a superhuman in the future which is not possible with the typical training styles.

You can join Athlete 20XX here.

Athlete 20XX gives you the exercise selection to focus on, the structure to follow and the in depth tutorial videos to take everything from the ground up to a high level. 

Every athlete has coaches and trainers to help him/her. We still continue to learn from different teachers. This is a sign of strength. We want to be the coach for you.

Train hard, stay safe.

samuli jyrkinen

About the author 

Samuli Jyrkinen

Samuli is the ninja behind the scenes (photography, videography, websites, program platforms and more). He has been training religiously for over a decade and has a firm grasp of physical and mental fitness. You will find our story here.

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