Animalistic Movement Flow

April 16, 2017 by VAHVA Fitness

Animal movement focused movement flow - the first outdoor flow session of the year!

You don't need big training facilities to train movement: a field of grass is one of the best places to play with different movements and do many types of exercise (calisthenics, yoga, kettlebells etc.). 

It's also possible and easy to workout at home even in limited spaces. In Movement 20XX trailer there is a clip of movement flow in a very small room. Calisthenics exercises are also very convenient to do at home or in street workout parks.

Space creates restrictions in your movements but these restrictions don't need to be limiting. You just need to be more creative. The same goes with the body: if you can't use your legs, then use your upper body instead!

Movement training is about expressing your body with all the capabilities you have right now. Movement training can be both artistic and practical.

Movement training is functional in a way that you will develop many physical attributes such as strength, mobility, body control, agility, spacial awareness and coordination. It's also artistic in a way that it can be a great way to express yourself.

Ultimately, it's up to the individual what he or she wants to achieve.

Some people are more artistic and primarily do movement for fun and the functional benefits are more like a side product. Other people use movement training purely for functional purposes to excel in overall fitness or in their chosen field.

Movement is like yoga mixed with strength - you get the best out of both worlds. The body will remain loose and fluid but you will also build strength that will transfer very well to lifting weights, martial arts and sports.

You will use your entire body to generate movements. There are no rigid lines and the workouts are far from one dimensional. The body does every movement it has been naturally designed to do: bend, twist, flex and extend.

The one dimensional and repetitive approach to fitness is what makes the body rigid and prone to injuries. The body is capable of doing lots of versatile movements (more than just up and down movements) and a wide variety of movements are needed to fully develop the body.

If you never train all the different functions of the muscles, they become weak points that can break when pushed too far or when they are needed.

For more, see these videos:

Combine different styles of training together without neglecting any area of the body and the results can be amazing.

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